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Turkish honey... the world’s best quality kind of honey

العسل التركي.. أجود أنواع العسل في العالم

Every year Turkey produces more than 100 thousand ton of honey, and for that it is considered the second biggest honey producer in the world after #China.

And the city that produces the most of the Turkish honey in general is the state of #Muğla_in_turkey which is considered as the #biggest_producer_in_the_world of pine honey.

As pine trees fills the mountains in the city of #Marmaris_in_turkey and which give different kinds of pure honey that turkey produces 90% of it in the world just by itself, and that’s why this trade is the essential income source for the locals.

After a lot of hard working on developing the honey production Turkey has been able to make a record for honey bees species that has a plentiful producing ability, and this specie’s name is EFE honey bee which can make a massive amount of #pine_honey, from which huge of amount was produced at #izmir laboratories.

EFE honey bee can also survive through the winter and produce better amounts of pollens than the other species.

At the eastern north of Turkey, the state of #Rize is famous by its “Anzer” honey, which is a worldwide known kind of honey and which is sold by grams for medical uses where a one kg of its worth’s 900TL.

The Anzer honey is produced at Rize city’s mountains which are 3000m high above the sea level.

Anzer honey is usually sold after being collected from the local producers by the “ANZER BALI KOY” association for agricultural development, where the product gets recorded and approved after it goes under many tests by the biology laboratory of #hacettepe_university at #Ankara city.

The #turkish_honey with its different kinds and origins is considered one of the world’s best quality kind of honey.

What's worth mentioning the fact that #Saudi_arabia is the third biggest importer of the Turkish honey in the first quarter of the year 2019.

Turkey has also exported at the same period what worth's 6,3 million dollars of honey to about 30 different country around the world.

Where #Germany was the first biggest importer,#the_united_states_of_America the second and #saudi_arabia the third, and at the year 2018 the value of the #turkish_exports of honey was almost 20 million dollars' worth according to the east of #black_sea Exporter Union.