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Types of Titles in the Turkish ownership law

((هام جداً)) أنواع سندات الملكية في قانون التملك التركي!!

Before you make the decision to #buy_properties_in_turkey as an investor you need to know the

types of property ownership titles according to the Turkish laws:

Real estate temporary deeds:

The property is recorded with a temporary deed when the investor buys it from an under-construction project. In this temporary deed title, all the property’s parts and sections are recorded that means the owner gets the project’s scheme in which he can find all the property’s details like the space area, location and other features.

In this type of titles, the property is referred to as a “reconstructed land” and it stays like that until the project is completed where the owner gets the “title deed” of his property.

Title deeds:

When you #purchase_apartments_in_turkey in a completed project you get a title deed for your apartment which proves your ownership of the property according to the Turkish law.

It is important to see the land registry before you purchase the property and that’s to make sure it doesn’t have any legal problem like mortgage or so, and for that you need to go to the land registry department.

For the foreign investor who wants to #buy_property_in_turkey he needs to consult experienced people in the matters of real estate and properties, to make sure his property and all related documents are legal with no problems.

That's why we at Alhuda company for real estate investment and development provide you with a team of experienced real estate and legal consultants, to help you buy your own property and save your legal rights.