Uskudar: The District of Luxury Real Estate

Uskudar: The District of Luxury Real Estate

Uskudar: the district of luxury real estate

Extending its hand to the Bosphorus, correcting its view of the sea blue and embracing the magic of nature, Uskudar falls asleep, the jewel of Istanbul and the pearl of the Asian continent since the seventh century AD after its construction by the Greeks who called it the "Golden City", a label that historians differed later on about its cause between who went until he sang The city in ancient times with gold mines behind this name and between those who suggested that the reflection of sunlight on its homes that turn golden in time of sunset is behind the name "golden city".

Not only did the attention of Uskudar stop with the Greeks, but the sultans of the Ottoman Empire devoted a large portion of their urban plans to them, building a wonderful palace on the banks of the Bosphorus to enjoy its views and the beauty of the surrounding nature and the forests near the strait.

With regard to the administrative division of Uskudar, it witnessed a great organization at the end of the Ottoman Empire between 1918 and 1924, but later it turned into an independent municipality in its own right in 1936, i.e. 12 years after the founding of the Turkish Republic.

Which paid great attention to the Uskudar region because of its strategic location and its vital importance, tourism, economic and urban areas, where it leads the offers for buying property in Istanbul and sales of Turkey properties in general?


Uskudar .. location and population

The Uskudar region is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, bordered to the east by the famous “Umraniye” neighborhood and to the west by the Bosphorus Strait, which overlooks the most prestigious and important neighborhoods of the European section of Istanbul, such as Besiktas, Beyoglu, Eminonu, and South. Uskudar borders the cities of Kadikoy and Ataşehir.

Uskudar, which has an area of 58 square kilometers and a population of 600,000 people, contains about 35 neighborhoods and villages, while rural areas represent 35 square kilometers of its total area.


Uskudar: infrastructure and transportation

Uskudar is included in the list of the most important waterfronts in Istanbul and a tourist area par excellence due to the fact that it contains many vital projects that made life in it well and buying property in Istanbul in it on real demand by many,in addition to service facilities and solid infrastructure and a strong transportation network in the forefront:

  • Universities and schools, which includes a large number of private universities, most notably the Endowment Private University of Uskudar, Marmara University and 18 other universities in all disciplines, especially scientific ones, in addition to government, private and international schools along the lines of the American School Istanbul International.
  • The 17 hospitals vary between government and private equipped with the latest therapeutic techniques in all areas, most notably anesthesia, food, internal and dermatology, general and specialized surgery, pediatric and neurology in addition to sophisticated analysis laboratories that are intended for Turks from everywhere and foreigners who come specifically for medication in Uskudar hospitals and their specialized health centers in Plastic surgery, dentistry and hair transplantation.
  • Uskudar port, which is one of the most important ports of Istanbul, is equipped with the best entertainment services, as it contains a large number of ships and ferries for transporting people and goods between the European and Asian parties through the Bosphorus Strait.
  • Various modes of transportation between the metro connects it to the European side, the Marmaray Line, buses for transportation, taxis and water ferries.


Uskudar: multidimensional tourism

Uskudar is considered one of the most attractive areas in Istanbul for Turkish tourists and foreigners alike, as thousands come to it every year and in all seasons due to its many attractions and tourist facilities extending from ancient history to the present including:

  • The popular markets that the wanderer enjoys in Uskudar are very close to Arab culture, such as Baghdad Street, which is similar to Istiklal Street, by dividing where many Arab investors are competing to buy real estate near it, especially as it was a house of the upper class in the Ottoman era.
  • Luxury commercial centers where Uskudar includes about 15 "malls", the most famous of which is the "Via Port Mall", which has gained its importance because of its proximity to Sabiha Airport and the "Crowne Plaza Hotel", as well as its offer to many Turkish and international brands and to meet the requirements and needs of customers through high-end services, it is provided with a lake and a triple cinema Dimensions, children's theme park, bowling alley, luxury restaurants and cafes.
  • The Camlica Mosque, which was officially delivered in 2019 with a purely Ottoman architectural style, is located on the highest summit in Istanbul, "Puppet Hill", allowing its visitors to enjoy a panoramic view of the most beautiful and important areas of Istanbul, Europe and Asia, in addition to containing a wonderful garden and museum of Islamic monuments and an exhibition of fine art.
  • The girl's tower, which was built on an industrial island 200 meters away from the coast of Uskudar, where concerts are held alongside luxurious restaurants serving the most delicious traditional and modern Turkish dishes.
  • Princesses island or the red islands, which are famous for tourism, where visitors come from all sides to enjoy the tranquility of nature away from the hustle and bustle of cities.


Uskudar: strong real estate investment

Uskudar is classified as one of the best real estate investment areas in Asian Istanbul, and thinking about "buying property in Istanbul in Uskudar" is one of the best things that wanting to own property in Turkey ,Istanbul, as he finds himself in front of many options, whether by buying luxury villas close to the Bosphorus or buying apartments in residential complexes. Modern or ordinary apartments in high places, and those looking for ways to double their wealth can buy student or tourist residences in order to re-rent them and generate imaginary profits, as confirmed by the experiences of previous investors.