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Venezia Mall in Istanbul... shopping has never been this fun

مول فينيسيا… متعة التسوق في قلب اسطنبول

Istanbul attracts tourists from all over the world, as it embraces the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey. As tourists from different Arab and foreign nationalities come to it, it is also intended by investors who are interested in buying apartments in Istanbul, with its Asian and European sides. Both the investor and the tourist visit malls and commercial centers in the city.

Istanbul is the capital of tourism and trade, and the economic center of the country, as well as large shopping centers. If you decide to visit the ancient city, you must go to some malls near your place of residence, to have fun shopping and buy gifts for friends and family.

Who among us does not know the Italian city of Venice, which is known for its ancient and historical streets and monuments, and one of the most important tourist activities is touring Venice by riding in boats and enjoying the ancient and authenticity of the place from every aspect.

In today's article, we will describe the Venice Mall, which is one of the most famous shopping centers in Istanbul and is known for its distinctive design inspired by the city of Venice.

Table of contents

  • Venice Mall Istanbul
  • Where is the Venice Mall Istanbul located?
  • How to go to the Venice mall
  • Activities you can do in the Venice Mall

Venice Mall Istanbul

فينيسيا مول اسطنبول

Venice Mall in Istanbul was built by an idea inspired by the Italian city of Venice, and for this reason it was called the Venice Mall.

The amazing design of Istanbul Venice Mall won everyone's praise and won many visits by locals and tourists, so that it became one of the most important tourist attractions in Turkey.

The place enjoys a water canal above a group of bridges, which gave the mall a special elegance and made it different from the rest of the commercial centers in Istanbul.

You can spend nice time in Venice Mall as it gives you a good opportunity to take pictures of the various facilities in this place and rent a boat on these waterways.

And in the middle of the square is a tower overlooking beautiful views of the waterways, and it is similar to St. Mark's tower in Italy, where there are local and international restaurants and cafes on the edge, offering the most delicious meals and the most delicious food.

The design of the Venice Shopping Center in Istanbul is unique using modern and very advanced technology, in addition to the wonderful design of the shopping center, we also found that the basement is very beautifully designed because the ceiling resembles a 3D painting, so when you see it, you will feel the presence of an overcast sky.

Where is the Venice Mall Istanbul located?

موقع فينيسيا مول

Venice Mall is located in Gaziosmanpasa on the European side of Istanbul, and it is a huge urban project, built in a modern and integrated style, and is a replica of the Italian city of Venice. Where a square was built in it similar to the famous Piazza San Marco in Italy.

The Venice Mall consists of luxurious residential units, offices and commercial markets, and Arab investors have registered a large presence in this complex, as they have bought many apartments and shops within the complex.

Venice Mall address on Google Maps

How to go to the Venice Mall

venize istanbul

Many tourists wonder about how to go to the Venice Mall and what kind of transportation can be used to reach the famous shopping center.

The fastest and easiest way to get to the Venice Mall is to use the tram from Topkapi station, which starts from the nearby kapats station to Taksim Square, passing by Sultan Ahmed and then getting off at the kabataş station.

Things to do in Venice Mall

أهم الانشطة في مول فينيسيا

When you visit Venezia Mall, you will be impressed by its architectural style, and you will start taking photos instantly. With the family you can enjoy a walking tour to get to know the complex, where you feel like in Venice. And as soon as you arrive at the shops, the real shopping fun begins.

Where you find all the goods and gifts you need in the stores of Venezia Mall, which includes the most famous local and international brands, with moderate prices, as the prices of goods in the Venezia mall are considered from the most appropriate in Istanbul

While roaming as you choose clothes and gifts, you may enjoy a unique boat trip that will take you on a unique shopping experience.

Children can also enjoy the fun with the playing grounds that are found in the mall. When you have finished shopping and buying all your needs, we recommend you end your tour with a delicious Turkish meal in one of the mall restaurants that offer delicious recipes and Turkish and international cuisine.


Tourists prefer to go shopping, because the prices of products in general in Turkey are cheap with high quality. And thanks to the huge shopping malls, which can be found all over the city of Istanbul, which provides shopping and entertainment in one place.