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Vialand biggest theme park in istanbul

أهم الأسباب التي تدفعك لزيارة اسطنبول

Vialand considered as one of the most famous theme parks, in Ghazi ottoman basha avenue in Istanbul. The first destination to have fun most of tourists choose.

Via Land been established in 2013 with over 60 different game suitable for all ages and interests.

in an area of 200 thousand meter, divided to two sections:

Amusement section specified for games: which is the most famous side of Via land includes different entertainment games, electrical cars, death train, water games, Roller coaster for those who love adventure which been build very high place Above water lakes.

Shopping Section: which includes a massive number of international and local trademarks, with a special section for international exhibitions. And specialized markets for Turkish cultural goods.

Additionally, you can enjoy a good meal from one of the restaurants Spreading all over the place.

To be mentioned, complex building also spreading around Via land city. Whether you are interested in #buying_property_in_istanbul, or #Real_estate_investment_in_turkey, in a nice complex building near entertainment world and Amusement. ALHuda for real-estate investment and development can provide you with collection of most important Residential Projects in Gazi-Ottoman-Basha near Via Land in the same time near important facilities needed.