Visiting Istanbul in Turkey and living in it is a dream for everyone:

Visiting Istanbul in Turkey and living in it is a dream for everyone:

 زيارة اسطنبول في تركيا والعيش فيها حلم يراود الجميع:

Istanbul has got it all. From reminders of past empires to the sights of the modern city as experienced through its trendy neighborhoods, the reasons to visit Turkey’s largest city are aplenty.

Istanbul, having more than 14 million people, is greatly dynamic. demonstrating both Asia and Europe and surrounded by both the Sea of Marmara & the Black sea, the scale of the city which belonged once to Roman, Byzantine and then Ottoman empires are fitting of its rich past.

Picture palaces adorned with mosaics beautifully made mosques are everywhere. In the neighborhoods, a variety of cafes, shops, bars, and restaurants line the streets, and most areas have a variety of bazaars. These are just some of the reasons why this amazing city must be on every traveler’s list

Breathtaking Bosphorus views

Istanbul’s most amazing feature is the Bosporus, which divides the Asian and European parts of the city. Tourists can go on a boat tour or rent a private boat to experience some of the most amazing views of the city. Scenes to see include Ottoman mansions, the village of Anadolu Kavağı, the 15th of July Martyrs Bridge, and palaces from the Byzantine age. What you see depends on the route you take (full or short cruise) and depends on your budget.


Historical scenes spread around the city

Ottoman palaces, Byzantine fortresses and Roman obelisks are just a small part of the historical scenes you find in Istanbul. Some examples include the Hagia Sophia Museum, an architectural masterpiece that once was a Byzantine church and later an Ottoman mosque, and Sultan Ahmed Mosque of the 17th century, also known as the Blue Mosque for its interior tile decorations, grey domes and its six minarets. While there are countless museums, galleries, and religious scenes to explore, you’re just as likely to find yourself surprised by one of many old and alleyways in the city still untouched by the modern city.



Napoleon once said, “If the world was only one country, Istanbul would be its capital.” In so many ways, travelers agreed with this fact. Istanbul has always been a rich variety of people, and cultures. The ‘East meets the West’ caption used to describe the city can be replaced by ‘everything meets everything else’. 


The colorful bazaars

Bazaars are a huge part of Istanbul’s tourism, and the labyrinthine Grand Bazaar is one of the world’s largest spreading over more than 30,000 square meters. People can spend hours bargaining for handmade rugs, decorative tiles, antiques and many more. The Spice Bazaar is also massive and offers an incredible variety of spices and herbs. 


The delicious food

Istanbul chefs are known for creating amazing new dishes out of traditional recipes. Spend the day tasting classics such as Simit (a sesame crusted bagel), midye dolma (mussels mixed with lemon juice and rice and served in its original shell) and doner meat stuffed in a wrap. These are available all around the city.

A better lunch might include other things such as imam bayıldı, a stuffed and roasted eggplant dish at Karaköy Lokantası (an upscale restaurant that offers excellent traditional Turkish food in  Karaköy neighbourhood) or Kırkpınar Lokantası (an open buffet restaurant with branches all around the city). At night, visit the upscale restaurants that re-imagine this traditional cuisine. Barbounia does a fantastic Aegean and Anatolian recipes by adding other elements to these dishes which are simple but rewarding.


High-end and beautiful neighborhoods in Istanbul European and Asian sections:

Most neighborhoods of Istanbul give a look to its past and all of the events and changes it has witnessed over the years, and this side of the city of Istanbul is represented by  the neighborhoods located on or near the Bosporus strait, in each of its sections, which are among the oldest inhabited areas in the world, including Karakoy, Maslak, Balat and Kadikoy and Uskudar

As for the rest of the neighborhoods, they are vital modern areas and business centers with distinction and today constitute a site for the most important projects of the huge Turkish government, such as the new Istanbul airport and the century project, which is the second Istanbul Canal.

Among the most important of these neighborhoods, we mention Beylikduzu, Buyukcekmece, Basaksehir, Bakr Koy, Esenyurt and others.

Live in Istanbul:

These features that we mentioned and many others have made Istanbul in Turkey today a first destination for those looking for new beginnings, not just tourism, so we are witnessing a strong movement towards stability in Turkey in Istanbul specifically and with it property purchases that include buying apartments in Istanbul for families coming from different countries to live in. 


Or commercial and various types of properties to establish business and investment by foreign investors