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What are the best places for real estate investment in Istanbul?

ماهي أفضل المناطق للاستثمار العقاري في إسطنبول

The real estate market in #Istanbul city is considered one of the strongest economies in the world and which attracts foreign investors who want to buy #apartments_in_istanbul and build a successful business.

For so many years #Istanbul has been an important destination for investors in general and that’s because of its perfect location and the fact that it is the economic capital of Turkey. In addition, to its large population which provides a big number of consumers and labor forces.

On the other hand, the infrastructural projects which the #turkish_government is doing in #Istanbul like the new #Istanbul_airport and Istanbul Canal, also contribute in making this city in particular a favorite destination for business men and investors from across the world.

You need to choose a suitable and a vital place when you are thinking about purchasing #properties_in_turkey and that’s to guarantee a successful investment, and for that we’ll mention for you in this article the best places for a successful real estate investment in Istanbul city:

Basin Express road: this area is today one of the most wanted places by investors who want to #buy_properties_in_istanbul, and that’s because this area has lately witnessed a remarkable development and instruction movement by the #turkish_government.

Basin Express has been selected as one of the most important service areas, and today it is considered the second trade center and the first investment site in the city of Istanbul.

From the important features that this road has the fact that it is a contact point between many vital roads and highways such as E5, TEM, the coast road and Marmara’s NORTH highway.

The Turkish government has spent millions of Dollars to repair the infrastructure of the Basin Express’s and now it has a developed transportation network that contact it with the whole city e.g. (metro, maritime transports).

Başakşehir: which is known as the new Istanbul and it is featured with a vital location which is close to the new Istanbul canal.

This area has a good transportation network from buses, metro and minibuses which makes it easy to reach from any place in the city.

The municipality of Başakşehir is also focusing on establishing big infrastructural projects in order to make it more developed and comfortable to live in and from these projects we mention the opening of the biggest botanical garden and the biggest café in Turkey.

When it comes to real estate investment in Istanbul the choices and the locations are plenty and when you want to choose the right thing for you,

you should think about the kind of investment that you want to make as there are many types of real estate investment like:

#Under_construction_properties which is the most wanted type of real estate investments in Turkey by the foreign investors who want to #buy_apartments_in_istanbul especially in areas like Sarıyer, Bahçeşehir and Başakşehir.

Another type of real estate investment is to #buy_lands_in_istanbul in strategic locations that are included in organizational charts such as Arnavutkoy area.

On the other hand, to #buy_apartments_in_istanbul in ready projects is the most common and guaranteed type of investment where investors purchase properties in luxurious complexes to put it for rent later and get a good profit return from it, and usually they chose properties in areas like Beylikdüzü, Avcılar and küçükçekmece which have all the needed facilities such as transportations, universities, schools, shopping centers and hospitals.

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