Get your Turkish citizenship 2021 using these tips

Get your Turkish citizenship 2021 using these tips !

Use these tips to get Turkish citizenship 2021

The various interests involved in obtaining Turkish citizenship during the last three years have witnessed an unprecedented turnout by foreigners, especially those who bought real estate in Turkey with the aim of carrying a Turkish passport.

The Turkish nationality, which carries many advantages, has turned into an unbridled desire among many foreigners, whether investors or ordinary citizens from various foreign and Arab countries that are experiencing a state of security and economic instability compared to the security enjoyed by Turkey as well as its strong economy and its various facilities.

So are there new decisions for those wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying a property during the year 2021, and if these decisions exist, what are they, and what are the necessary documents to obtain Turkish citizenship?



  • New decisions to obtain Turkish citizenship 2021
  • The papers required to obtain Turkish citizenship 2021
  • Advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship 2021
  • The number of foreign investors who obtained Turkish citizenship since the issuance of the 2018 amendment
  • Suitable projects for obtaining Turkish citizenship 2021


New decisions for getting citizenship 


As far as writing the words of this article, the Turkish government did not approve any new decisions regarding obtaining Turkish citizenship 2021, except for those issued in 2018 according to a legal amendment.

And the Turkish authorities had previously announced on September 19 of the year 2018 legal amendments for investors wishing to naturalize until the great rush began from the first month to buy a property for the purpose of obtaining Turkish citizenship and taking advantage of its advantages in one of the countries that is known for its rapid growth and competition for the strongest World economies.

The 2018 amendments stipulated that foreigners who buy property in Turkey with a financial value of not less than 250 thousand US dollars instead of one million US dollars can apply directly to the concerned authorities in order to obtain Turkish citizenship, and the amendment also stipulated the reduction of financial investments that qualify To obtain Turkish citizenship from two million dollars to 500 thousand US dollars only.


Among the articles approved by the legal amendments is that the value of the deposits that foreigners are required to deposit in Turkish banks for the purpose of obtaining Turkish citizenship has been reduced from 3 million dollars to 500 thousand US dollars, the mouthpiece of government bonds that foreign citizens can buy in order to be able to submit an application Obtaining Turkish citizenship, meaning they can also buy 500,000 dollars of bonds instead of 3 million dollars.

The amended law two years ago regarding the labor market stipulated that investors wishing to provide job opportunities in Turkey in order to obtain Turkish citizenship could benefit from a turkish passport in exchange for employing 50 Turkish citizens instead of providing job opportunities for the benefit of 100 citizens.

It is expected that the Turkish government will approve more facilitative legal amendments for foreigners who want to obtain Turkish citizenship, especially with the increase in the rate of demand for procedures to own a property in Turkey in order to carry the Turkish passport.

Expected facilities are supported by the statements of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who does not hesitate every time to show his support to foreign investors on Turkish soil, especially in the real estate sector in Turkey.

The papers required to obtain Turkish citizenship 2021

Applying for the Turkish citizenship 2021 requires the following papers:

  • A copy of the passport, translated by the sworn translator, and certified by the notar (valid).
  • 4 personal photos (for each family member).
  • A document showing the civil status (proving the relationship of the property owner to the wife and children), marriage contract, birth certificates for children.
  • Residence permit in Turkey.
  • Health insurance certificate.
  • A copy of the Turkish residency and the address of an acquaintance or relative in Turkey, if any
  • document proving the purchase and ownership of the property (tapu papers, purchase contract registered with a notary).
  • The evaluation expert's report (the evaluation committee is tasked with evaluating the property and evaluating it).
  • A bank document with the transfers that have been paid to pay the price of the property through the bank.
  • The investor must bring all the documents mentioned above to apply for Turkish citizenship.

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As for the procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship in return for buying a property in Turkey, they are:

First, the property must be evaluated, so that the buyer evaluates his property by trusted Turkish companies by the Turkish government, and usually these companies give the evaluation after approximately three days, and the purpose of that is to evaluate the price of the property so that it matches the minimum requirement for obtaining Turkish citizenship.

The validity period of the evaluation granted by Turkish companies is up to three months only, obtaining the title deed or tapu from the real estate registry office.

The buyer needs to register his properties in the Land Registry Department and extract the title deed document. 

These procedures may take two or three days, as the tax number must be extracted at the beginning, and then go to the Land Registry Department and register the property legally and officially.

Applying for the citizenship application by buying a property in Turkey:

The rest of the papers and other documents are prepared, translated and certified at the Notrary Office, and then delivered to the main office in Ankara, and branch offices have been opened in other cities as well.

After about two weeks of submitting the papers as a maximum, the applicant is given an electronic link through which he can follow the developments of the nationality procedures, and he is contacted by phone to inform him of any progress in the citizenship file, and the process of obtaining Turkish citizenship takes about 4 months since the application was submitted.

After that, the Population Department issues a Turkish identity card for the applicant and thus becomes a Turkish citizen. Also, the holder of Turkish citizenship can enjoy the full powers and rights of the Turkish citizen, and he can start the procedures for obtaining a Turkish passport.

Foreign investors who obtained Turkish citizenship since the issuance of the 2018 amendment:

Since the amendment to the Regulation on the Implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law on Sept. 19, 2018, 981 foreing investors, including residents of the U.S., Canada, China, Russia, Italy, Australia and Greece, have become Turkish residents, as per information from the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs of the Interior Ministry. About 2,700 unfamiliar speculators wishing to become Turkish residents have made ventures adding up to roughly $1 billion. Appropriately, 981 of these speculators have been qualified to become Turkish residents since the distribution of the administrative changes in the Official Gazette. 

According to the guideline, the way to citizenship was opened to those putting resources into fixed capital in the extension. Buying resolute property given that it won't be sold for a very long time or undertaking that the unfaltering property with apartment suite or development subjugation will not be sold for a very long time; making work; keeping money in banks working in Turkey on the state of leaving the sum for a very long time; buying government obligation instruments on the condition to hold them for a very long time; or obtaining land common asset offers or investment shared asset shares on the state of clutching them for at any rate three years. 

Iran started to lead the pack in the rundown of financial specialists who picked up Turkish citizenship with 253 individuals, trailed by Iraq with 143, Yemen with 97, Afghanistan with 94, Syria with 59, Palestine with 58, Jordan with 57, Egypt with 45, China with 21 and Azerbaijan with 16. 

In the interim, six speculators from the U.S. furthermore, Russia every, four from Canada, Italy and Israel every, two from the United Kingdom and Ukraine each, and one financial specialist from Australia and Greece each were allowed Turkish citizenship. 

Turkey decreased the cutoff points for outsiders to gain Turkish citizenship to support interest in September 2018. Subsequently, outsiders who own land in Turkey worth a base $250,000, rather than the past furthest reaches of $1 million, would now be able to procure Turkish citizenship. Turkey's lodging deals to outsiders have introduced an upward pattern since 2012, the year when parliamentary law made it simpler for unfamiliar financial specialists to buy land in the nation. 

As per the new guideline, the lower furthest reaches of fixed capital ventures to secure Turkish citizenship for outsiders has been diminished to $500,000 from $2 million. The guideline likewise covers outsiders who store at least $3 million in Turkish banks. The store prerequisite of a base $3 million in Turkish banks was additionally brought down to $500,000. A comparative guideline applies to unfamiliar speculators who hold officially sanctioned bonds worth at any rate $500,000 that are not expanded for a very long time. The past least necessity was $3 million for government bond holding outsiders. Outsiders who produce occupations for a base 50 individuals, the past necessity was 100 individuals, will likewise have the option to apply for Turkish citizenship. 

Since the dispatch of the authoritative revision, Turkey's lodging deals to outsiders has brought about upward execution. For example, lodging deals to unfamiliar purchasers hopped 62.5 percent a month ago to exactly 3,925 units, up from 2,415 units in May 2018. With respect to the January-May period, buys by unfamiliar inhabitants flooded essentially, from 9,756 to 17,263, an expansion of 77 percent, as per the Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat). Prior, outsiders procured somewhere in the range of 3,168 units in January, 3,321 units in February, 3,129 units in March and 3,720 units in April, a year-on-year increment of 81.9 percent, 92.1 percent, 71.3 percent and 82.1 percent, separately. Also, around 39,663 properties were offered to unfamiliar speculators a year ago, the most noteworthy number ever. In 2017, outsiders purchased 22,234 units.

The best projects to obtain Turkish citizenship 2021

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