What do you need to know about the city of Ordu in Turkey? | Al Huda

What do you need to know about the city of Ordu in Turkey?

تعرف على أكبر جامع في تركيا جامع تشاملجا

A land that has escaped from haven, more beautiful than you could’ve ever imagined, like a city of a fairytale is how much Ordu is a breathtaking city, which happened to be on the north of Turkey the world’s precious diamond.

Up and high between the clouds with its outstanding nature and green spaces which are colored with the beautiful flowers, lays the city of Ordu next to the Black Sea’s pure blue water creating a capturing and special view.

The beautiful Ordu city is located to the east of the Black Sea and it attracts tourists from all around the world.

This city will fascinate you with its beauty and make you fall in love with its remarkable nature and you’ll find yourself creating a bond with its details.

The great historic houses and streets of the city will give you a time travel experience to the Ottoman era. You may also prefer to see the nature face of it by visiting its mountains and hills, waterfalls or maybe you’d like to take a boat and have an exploring tour in the city’s lake.

Ordu is known by the cultivation of hazelnut, and it is the world’s largest hazelnut producer, with an annual production of almost 600 ton and that is 75% of the world’s production of hazelnut.

Hazelnut producing is considered the city’s locals’ only essential living source, that’s why you will only see the hazelnut trees scattered everywhere and all around the city.

And hazelnut for locals in Ordu has an important place in their culture and they proudly mention that in every occasion.

If you are thinking of #Turkey as your next vacation’s destination either for exploring, investing or even to buy a #proprty_in_Istanbul or any other Turkish city, you can’t head back home without visiting Ordu city to enjoy its beautiful natural escapes and relax in its calm atmosphere.