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What you dont know about Bursa city

تعرف على أجمل ثلاث حدائق في اسطنبول

Bursa city, located in the western north of #turkey, in the middle between the capital Ankara, and Istanbul city. Bursa was the first Ottoman capital in the Ottoman empire.

This magical city was very famous with its nature, a mixture between mountains and wide forests, while most of the city overview Marmaray sea. That’s why Bursa Been named “Green Bursa”.

Bursa is a destination for tourists from all over the world, some prefer to buy #apartments_in_bursa_turkey.so they can enjoy visiting every time they want to escape from his daily life routine.

Bursa is famous with various touristic sites, most remarkable is Uludağ mountains the one surrounded with green trees from every side. A mountain with 2,543-meter-high, with a full white cover in the winter. Where multi international Olympic ski competitions been held.

In your first visit to bursa the very first think you maybe must consider is Chairlifts trip there, an unforgettable experience. The chairlifts Extends for over 9 Km over the mountain, which make it the longest one in the world.

Bursa also famous with the natural springs which flows from the highest hills and mountains, creating an artistic picture, artists & and poetries were always fund of drawing it and writing about.

For those who like natural spa, and hot springs, Bursa where you can enjoy some of the finest resorts, with around 6 sources of hot springs all around #Uludağ mountain. Where Temperature there varies between 38°-57°. Some of those baths back to Byzantine era and reconstructed in the Ottoman era. Try to visit #Çekirge district if you want to try Thermal Baths in Bursa, since all homes and hotels there have hot spring water available.

Parks spreads in the city too, (#cultural_park, #Botanik_park, zoo land). In addition to couple wonderful lakes around the city (#Ulubat_lake, #Kuş_Cennet lake, #İznik_Gölü lake)

probably you want to check the great ancient tree in bursa too, which around 600 years age, with 37-meter-high, and 10 meters width.

This city has its own historical heritage, with multi ancient sites like (#Grand_mosque_of_Bursa, which been built by The Ottoman Sultan Bayezid I, And the biggest Mosque in #Bursa).

A lot can be told about bursa, and since its growing with a promising touristic future. We in AlHuda for real estate investment and development, took the opportunity to provide our customers with over 20 excellent options of residential projects, & since our customer interest comes first, we are making sure to provide you with #cheap_property_in_turkey offer with excellent services and facilities around.