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What you don’t know about the Prince's Islands in Turkey

ما لا تعرفه عن جزر الاميرات التركية

Few kilometers away from the city of #Istanbul_in_turkey, in the middle of the Sea of Marmara the Prince’s Islands are scattered.

They are 9 islands the biggest one is on a space area of 5km and the smallest is only 1km, the population of all of the 9 islands is 7000 people.

The name of the islands comes from the Byzantine's era where they used to lock princes and kings in them.

#prince_islands are considered the first destination for tourists from around the world, in which the most important historical monuments are found such as, the palace of Buyukada, Hagia Yorgi Church which was built in the fifth century, Hamidiye mosque which was built by the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid the second, the Turkish writer “SAİT FAİK ABASIYANIK” house which was transformed into a museum after his death and in which many events like the best novel price are held.

What characterizes the Prince’s Islands is the beautiful nature and its nice atmosphere, wherever you go in these islands you can enjoy the site of the high trees, green landscapes and the gentle breeze on your face.

When you arrive at the Islands, you’ll notice the bicycle stand from which you can rent a bicycle to make a special tour in the island, or you can take a horse cart because cars are not allowed in the islands.

The beautiful nature and the antique transportations will give you a remarkable nostalgic experience away from today's loud and busy lifestyle.

In the prince’s islands you can find cafes, restaurants and five stars hotels you can also visit the markets and buy some souvenirs.

You can get to the prince’s islands by the sea buses from any station in Istanbul like, Kabataş,Yenikapı or Kadıköy and the cruise usually takes an hour and half where you can enjoy being introduced to Istanbul's remarkable sites and the sea view and maybe feed the seagulls some delicious Turkish Simit.

If you are visiting Turkey for a touristic tour or to invest in it and #buy_apartments_in_istanbul , we advise you to take a tour to the Prince’s Islands and enjoy its charming nature and make some unforgettable beautiful memories.