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When is Tulip festival in Istanbul?

مهرجان التوليب في اسطنبول

Tulip has been a symbol for so many civilizations and countries around the world such as Turkey, as the Tulips have been related to the Ottoman and Turkish identity especially in the period between 1718 to 1730, where the locals competed to harvest Tulip flower in their gardens. And since then tulip has become a symbol of the Turkish culture and life style.

Today Turkey has one of the most famous tulip related events which is the #tulip-festival_in_istanbul this festival usually takes a place through the whole month of march where millions of tulip flowers fill all #Istanbul's gardens, parks and streets.

In this same event the #largest_tulip_carpet_in_the_world is placed near the famous #Blue_Mosque every year, in this season of the year Istanbul become like a land of fantasy as you can see the colorful tulip flowers wherever you go around the city and in this particular and special time of the year #Istanbul becomes more charming and attract more tourists from around the world.

And for these reasons march is a proper time to visit Istanbul for both tourism and #real_estate_investment.

So, if you are willing to buy #apartments_in_istanbul march is a suitable time, because all the construction companies provide their most interesting #real_estate_offers in this time of the year.

In this season all of Istanbul's most known gardens and parks are filled with all kind and color of tulip flowers and one of the, most interesting gardens to visit through the Tulip festival is #emirgan_park_in_istanbul where the place is decorated with beautiful tulip patterns. musicians, parties and photography and painting exhibition are also set up in it.

You can enjoy tulip season in other parks as well like #Goztepe, #Beykoz, #Yildiz_park, #Çamlıca hill and #Gülhane park.

If you are thinking when is the right time to visit Istanbul, it is at the Tulip season in march where you can enjoy the beautiful nature decorated with all kind of colorful tulips and get the chance to see Istanbul in its most charming look.