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Where to go in Antalya Turkey?

تعرف معنا على منطقة كوتشوك تشكمجه في اسطنبول

It's known that Turkey is the most attracting point for tourists in the world, it is also the most attended place by investors from around the world who are looking to #buy_apartments_in_istanbul and other Turkey cities.

Every city in Turkey has its own magic and beauty, and one of turkey’s most amazing cities is the city of #Antalya.

Antalya is so unique with its perfect location which is on the coast of the #Mediterranean_sea to the south west of Turkey.

It also has a charming natural landscape where you can find the rocky coast surrounded by the mountains, the valleys and the green forests and what makes it more special is the palm trees that are scattered all over the city.

With its great historic character where you can find historical mosques, churches, schools and Turkish baths which were built in the #Ottoman_period all of this has made #antalya the favorite destination for tourists from around the world.

You can notice that Antalya has kept its historic identity with its historical buildings, narrow streets, and its sophisticated beautifully designed restaurants and hotels.

In Antalya you can find so many #touristic_places like, the old city that’ll take you back to the Ottoman period and leave you fascinated by its charm, the aquarium, Ataturk's park, and the cities beautiful beaches.

You can also visit the local markets that still have its historical Ottoman identity.

If you are willing to go to Antalya in Turkey, we highly recommend you to visit antique mosques like #osman_efendi_mosque , #sheikh_sinan_mosque and #yivlimenare_mosque.

You may also want to discover Antalya's museums such as #kaleici_museum.

If you are thinking about visiting Turkey for your next vacation or to invest and #buy_apartments_in_istanbul, you have to go to Antalya to distance away of today's tiring life style, relax on the beaches and explore all of this city’s historical mysteries.