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A continent whose citizens prefer treatment in Turkey

قارّة يفضّل مواطنوها العلاج في تركيا

Turkey is one of the few countries in the world that has booked a prominent place as the best destination for medical tourism in its various specialties during the last twenty years, as the Turkish health sector witnessed a great leap in competition for the level of services provided in each of the European countries and the United States of America, but what distinguished Turkey is the low cost of treatment, which has doubled the number of patients going to be treated in it from other countries.

Among the nationalities that changed their destination from Europe towards Turkey are the African nationalities, especially the countries like "Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Libya" in addition to Somalia, Egypt and Ethiopia.

A high turnout, stimulated  the Turkish authorities to make more efforts to serve the health sector, and the result was through the construction of the largest number of hospitals and medical cities, the latest being the city of Basaksehir that was opened in May 2020 as the largest hospital in Europe in terms of the number of family units Intensive care with huge potentials and manifold specialties, including what was brought in for the first time in Turkey.

On the other hand, during the Corona crisis, Turkey demonstrated its great ability to control the general situation by registering the lowest death rate in the world compared to the large numbers of injuries, in addition to the construction of two hospitals for the treatment of Corona patients "Ataturk Airport Hospital and SancakTepe Hospital" in the least 45 days.


Why do Africans strongly choose treatment in Turkey?

The answer to the question included in the above address came from the head of one of the consulting medical care companies in Turkey, which revealed that Turkish hospitals were created under the umbrella of the Africa Initiative launched by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the first decade of the second millennium, due to many registered requests By citizens of African countries on Turkish health services after treatment experiences in Turkey have proven effective, as documented by the tongue of patients who were presented for treatment in Istanbul hospitals in particular.

At the time, Turkey embarked on first talks related to expanding the health care sector for the benefit of African countries. The beginning was with Somalia to include the step later in Sudan, Ethiopia, Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Kenya, Chad and South Africa.

The brown continent has become a high priority market for Turkish tourism specialized in the field of treatment and health care.

The number of foreign patients who visited Turkey at the beginning of the second millennium has reached tens of thousands, bringing the number in recent years to more than a million foreign patients, achieving revenues of US $ 4 billion, and the number is expected to rise further.

According to the statistics, while the average tourist brings an average of one thousand dollars to Turkey, the African medical tourist brings an average of 10 thousand dollars to Turkey.

In this regard, Turkey competes India and Thailand in price, while in terms of quality, it competes with the United States of America and many European countries.

Turkey has emerged in particular in many specialties, especially the transplantation of the liver and kidneys, in addition to dental treatment and cosmetology, which tells many patients that they have found in Turkey the home that guarantees them with international standards at very reasonable prices compared to other leading countries in the field.

In an effort to preserve the large numbers that it means for medication, Turkey decided, with the beginning of the regression of the corona pandemic, to reopen the field again for patients wishing to have medical tourism, this summer by including special procedures to ensure their transportation from the airport to hospitals in the security and safety, and the decision was singled out by many African countries, especially Algeria , Ethiopia and Libya.

The worth of the Turkish medical facilities did not stop in providing only sophisticated treatment services, but rather contributed significantly to attracting investors in many economic sectors, notably ahead of the real estate sector, where foreign customers have become requesting to buy property in Turkey near health centers and hospitals, while prices of property in Turkey near medical cities have witnessed a very high increase  with high profitability.