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Why you should invest in Istanbul


Istanbul is the #heart_of_Turkey with population of 15.07 million. Istanbul is the second most populous city in the world after #Shanghai, but it's the only city in the world that connects two continents ( Asian & European). Istanbul is one of the best cities for #investment and as well for #living, these days many foreigners are #buying_property in #Istanbul more than past years. Istanbul is also called as a city of #Growth.

Istanbul has the fastest #growing_economy with Gross Domestic Product value averaging 7.5% per annum over the past 5 years. And Istanbul is ranked 29th among the world's #urban_areas in 2011, by 2025 Istanbul will be register as the 14th-highest absolute GDP growth among world cities.

#istanbul is one of the main spot these days that foreigners all over the world choose for investment. And over 27 competitor cities, Istanbul ranks as the highest in all the categories for #investment_return.

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