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With the decrease of Turkish lira... it’s the best opportunity to buy a property in Turkey

مع تراجع الليرة.. التوقيت الذهبي لشراء عقارات في تركيا

The market of #real_estate_in_turkey has witnessed a remarkable development in the last few years, and the #turkish_government is working hard to attract foreign investments from Europe and the Arab countries to Turkey.

And with the decrease in Turkish lira the rates of #property_purchasing_in_turkey hs been increased which attracted more investors to the real estate market in Turkey.

For example, the property that its price was 500 thousand USD became 250 thousand today, this means that the investor who want to #buy_apartments_in_istanbul or in any other city in Turkey can buy it today with the half of its original price if we compare the properties prices today with the prices before the decrease of the Turkish lira.

What worth mentioning the fact that properties’ prices and the purchasing process according to the construction companies are done with Turkish local currency.

Yeni Şafak a Turkish newspaper has mentioned that the foreign interest in real estate in Turkey has obviously increased as the numbers and statistics shows, where in the past year foreign investors have purchased more than 40 thousand property in Turkey, and the volume of purchasing processes have passed the 6500 property and that’s only in the first two months of the year which means 87% increase in the ratio if compared to the same time of the year 2018.

On the other side the decrease of the lira has made Turkey an attraction point for investors who are interested into buying #properties_in_turkey, and this year was “Turkey’s” year in Europe and for those who want to invest in the Turkish real estate market.

The Yeni Şafak newspaper has also mentioned that according to the manager of the American company in Europe “ERA”: a lot of the company’s European clients showed an interest into buying properties in Turkey.

And with the increase of the European investors who want to #buy_apartments_in_istanbul, the number of Arab investors who want to buy #properties_in_turkey has also grown especially those who are interested into #buying_villas_in_istanbul with a sea view, instruction companies have also offered the best #hotel_apartments_in_istanbul which are considered a successful investment with high profits.

Alhuda company for real estate investment and development advises the respected clients to take the advantages of this opportunity and buy properties in Turkey.