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Yoros castle... the last byzantine castle in Turkey

قلعة يوروس آخر قلعة بيزنطية في تركيا

At the meeting point of the #bosphorus_strait and the black sea to the Asian side of #istanbul city lays the historical castle of Yoros.

This castle is one of the most important ancient castles in Turkey, and is also considered the last #Byzantine_castle in it and a favorite destination for tourists who love exploring ancient civilizations.

The castle is located at #Beykoz in #Asian_istanbul and which has a space area of almost 500m2 the castle also has towers that are between 60_130m high.

Yoros castle is characterized by its magnificent design and beautiful details, in addition to its unique location between the forests which makes it more charming and its high walls that looks like it is guarding the gates of the #bosphorus_strait.

This castle is the last standing byzantine castle in the city of #istanbul until this day.

Previously this castle was related to the Genoese as their kingdom’s symbol was found on the castle’s towers.

The castle has always been there on the front lines to defend the gates of the #bosphorus_strait and was used as a military barrack by the Ottoman army, where the Ottoman Sultan Beyazit the first used to live in it as said.

The location of the castle has made it one of the most #beautiful_touristic_sites_in_turkey as it has a view on the longest bridge in #istanbul, #yavuz_sultan_selim_bridge.

The castle is also surrounded by restaurants that prepare the most delicious sea food, where #beykoz is one of the most famous sites for fishing in #istanbul as its shore is known for its clean water and is considered one of the most #beautiful_touristic_places_in_istanbul.

If you are willing to visit Turkey this summer either for tourism or for investing and #buying_apartments_in_istanbul you really need to see the historical Yoros castle and explore its parts.