The city of Trabzon is one of the most beautiful and famous Turkish towns. It is one of the living cities in all seasons of the year, as it attracts its visitors from different parts of the world due to its beautiful climate and charming nature. The town has an attractive geographical location. It is on the northeastern side of Turkey, specifically In the eastern part of the Black Sea. It is about 1069 km from Istanbul. What distinguishes the city is its presence in the middle of Zigana Mountain and the Black Sea coast.
One of the cities' essential features is its ancient history dating back to the Middle Ages, with the city being in the middle of green spaces and hills, so the city is considered one of the most beautiful cities as it has a long history and stunning natural places. In addition to modern towns and new architecture, it also contains nearly twelve rivers and four lakes. The green mountain heights make up 77% of the city's area. The town also includes a sea transport port that makes it an important center for maritime transport and trade.





  •  Trabzon Castle

Trabzon Castle is one of the most famous landmarks in the city, and it is the most attractive for tourists. The castle was established in the Ottoman era on the Black Sea to stop the danger and respond to the enemies' attacks on the Ottoman Empire.

    •  Ataturk Palace

    The palace was established by the country's ruler Ataturk in the middle of a forest in the city's heart. This palace displays many of the tools used during his stay in the castle from 1934 until 1937. 

      •  Sumela Monastery                                                                                                                               

      It is one of the most notable buildings in the city and Turkey. It is located on a substantial slope through which it overlooks stunning landscapes. The monastery includes the Greek Orthodox Church, built in the year 386 AD at an altitude of 1200 meters above the Tundra National Park.

        •  Uzungol Village

         Uzungol village is located south of Trabzon, and it is considered one of the most popular places where all city residents have an enjoyable time. The town is regarded as a natural reserve. It has many unique and rare species, such as plants in the Caucasus forests located on the coast. Like pine trees of many distinctive colors, the Black Sea also lives in reserve many wild animals as the unique roe deer.




        •  Uzungol Lake                                                                                              

        ​ Uzungol Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes located in the city, especially in winter. You have the chance to see the most beautiful landscapes and snow covering trees around the lake in a beautiful view, and Arabs are among the most tourists in that period due to the lack of a similar atmosphere in the Arab lands.

          •  Trabzon Square

           The square is located in the heart of the city and is the principal city center, specifically in the Black Sea region, and includes many cafes, famous restaurants, entertainment venues, commercial centers, and the presence of the most famous international hotels.

            •  Forum Mall

             One of the most famous malls in the city, you can visit it, take a tour inside and buy all souvenirs, and it is considered the largest mall in the city.


            Real estate in Trabzon


            The city's real estate market is not different from other cities, but it is relatively less than other cities such as Istanbul, being the largest and most famous. It is a city full of new urban life where you can buy many residential units in the town to move and live. It is a beautiful city that is distinguished by the presence of places. It does not have any population density, and you will not find it too crowded in other cities.


            Real estate investment in Trabzon

            If you do not intend to move and live in this beautiful city, you must think carefully about real estate investment in it. After the spread of new urban towns and expansion in the city and the construction of new homes and residential complexes in the city, the idea of real estate investment inside the city began to increase, especially since the city enjoys a massive tourist attraction year. And prices are expected to rise to the town in the coming years.


            Property for sale in Trabzon

            Trabzon has become with its charming views of the Black Sea, or as Turkish real estate experts call it, “the future Turkish Dubai” It has become one of the most important destinations for ownership and purchase of property in Turkey, both for local and foreign citizens, due to its distinctive wet climate and bright white snow shining throughout the winter on its mountain peaks. High-rise in addition to providing all the components of a comfortable living, especially with the great interest that the Turkish state has given to Trabzon in recent years through infrastructure development projects and real estate construction, where properties in Trabzon are cheap compared to their high quality and dazzling designs It is appropriate for the nature of the picturesque region, which made the prices of property for sale in Trabzon of different types "apartments, villas ..." suitable for many foreign investors who want to own a property in the arms of the virgin nature and opposite the splendor of the magnificent sea views, which is what you will find completely in real estate projects for sale in Trabzon, which you can browse through the website of Alhuda for real estate investment in Turkey and use the elite of our real estate advisors to choose the best among them.

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            Basin Express

            Basin Express is located on the European side of Istanbul, precisely in the vital municipality of Bagcilar, bordered on the north by the Başakşehir district, the real estate capital of Istanbul, to the south by Ataturk Airport and the Sea of Marmara, and to the east by the Bayrampaşa district, while to the west, its borders border both Avcilar and Beylikduzu. Basin Express gained its name from its strategic location, where It is considered an axis connecting the two most important transportation arteries in Istanbul, which are the international lines E-5 and the TEM line. Basin Express is known for its vital location between the main transportation hubs and major facilities in Istanbul, which made it a favorite destination for many businessmen and employees with middle and high income since most of the real estate projects in which it resides are safe residential complexes close to economic and financial companies.

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            Apartments for sale in Istanbul ALH-710

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            An investment project with a strategic location opposite Ataturk Airport. Strategic location on Basin Express Road. Real estate prices on this road have increased by 300% during the past five years....


            Apartments for sale in Basin Express Istanbul ALH-810

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            Enjoy your investment and being a family in the developing region of Istanbul, Güneşli. You will take a walk in green areas in the new center of Istanbul and spend your time in the social facility wit...


            Apartments for sale in Istanbul Basin Express ALH-802

            starts from 480000₺

            The project consists of 3 blocks with 17 floors. In these 3 blocks there are 340 apartments typed as 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 and 4+1 and shops.


            Apartments for sale in Basin Express Istanbul ALH-804

            starts from 998250₺

            Special and distinctive offers offered by Alhuda for real estate investment in one of the largest projects in the Basin Express area. The project is characterized by its vital area, where universitie...


            Apartments for sale in Basin Express Istanbul ALH-801

            starts from 724403₺

            Apartments for sale in Basin Express Istanbul in cash and installments, within integrated residential complexes. Basin Express is one of the most important areas in Istanbul, which has witnessed a gr...