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Among the largest fertile real estate environments in Turkey are tourist properties in Yalova, a destination for visitors from all over the world annually and the city of the largest group for shipbuilding in the world and the castle of hot springs and green parks that make it teeming with tourist mobility, which led to high demand for property for sale in Yalova for renting them to tourists with high profitability returns throughout the year, and property prices are increasing year after year due to the expansion of interest in them, whether by construction companies with huge projects or by investors who have purchased large numbers of properties of various types of residential "apartments" Villas "and commercial" shops and offices "and tourist" hotels in particular. "

Alhuda Real Estate company offers you many options of property for sale in Yalova, which mixes the originality of history with the modernity of the present.

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Taksim, or the beating heart of Istanbul, as it is called, is one of the touristic areas that millions of people visit annually, where they find ancient history mixed with contemporary life on the famous Istiklal Street, where they can enjoy the beauty of the region and wander in its luxurious shops that contain various Turkish and international brands. The square also includes a monument to the Turkish Republic, the Day of Liberation and Victory, designed by the Italian artist Pietro Canonica, and people usually gather to take pictures in front of it. Taksim Square annually witnesses events, art exhibitions and other Galeries and activities for children, which makes vitality an integral part of the region and a prominent feature of the division throughout the year. In the area, there are also a large number of luxury properties with a historical character, hotels, shops, and libraries, as well as cafes and restaurants of various tastes.

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