Property for sale in Sakarya

Many Turkish and foreign investors want to buy properties in Sakarya where its beautiful homes are not only for investment but also a conviction to live and settle in this charming city located near many vital areas and cities in Turkey overlooking the Sea of Marmara and Sapanca Lake, which is 16 kilometers long And its width is 5 km, where many Turkish and foreign tourists visit it daily to ride boats and enjoy its unique view. In addition to the Boerazela Lake, famous for the Sakarya River, which was named after it, features that made property for sale in Sakarya are intensively required for those seeking a quiet life Lovers of historic cities surrounded by the magic of green nature and rich streams.

And down at the repeated requests of clients, Alhuda real estate company has placed in the hands of those who want to buy properties in Sakarya, many distinguished and luxurious projects at prices that suit everyone's budget.