Real Estate in Istanbul

Being known for its multiple names- including the city of treasures, the city of the Seven Hills, Byzantium, and Islambol- Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and one of the largest cities in the world. Istanbul is viewed as the key cultural and economic center of Turkey. And since it enjoys some of the best hotels in the world ever, as well as high-quality housing units that are available for rent and purchase over the year, the city has become one of the most attractive cities for tourism and investment in the world.

Everyone agrees on the fact that Istanbul, this charming city that’s split into two continents, inspired all its inhabitants through ages, so every generation that had lived in this city mastered the formation of its architectural and artistic identity, its traditions, its cooking, and its customs.

The successive generations continued the path of construction, which resulted in a great rush of non-residents, and here it turned into a prominent tourist pearl that visitors come from everywhere with a desire to enjoy its splendor, and some of them have chosen an area to live and settle in. Statistics show that about 48% of foreign investors who come monthly to Turkey go towards this city in search of promising places for buying a property in Istanbul, Turkey, for the purpose of housing or for investment.

And as we mentioned, Istanbul has maintained over the past years its position at the top of the rest of the regions in terms of sales and buying a property in Turkey, meaning all real estate offers under the title "property in Turkey for sale ",

Which means that buying a property in Istanbul is one of the best real estate investment opportunities compared to others due to several factors we mention among them:

  • The diversity of apartments for sale in Istanbul and its acquisition of great investment importance.
  • The geographical locations of the most promising real estate areas in Istanbul are what make buying a property in Istanbul. Turkey a profitable deal.
  • Many real estate projects in Istanbul take advantage of the government guarantees feature, which makes the process of buying a property in Istanbul guaranteed and quality and delivery date.
  • The diversity of real estate projects in Istanbul includes many modern residential complexes that provide its residents with opportunities for luxury and well-being.
  • The prices of apartments in Istanbul are among the highly competitive prices in the real estate market, which are increasing day by day, thus ensuring the investor great profitability returns.

Istanbul enjoys many of the most charming historical and old residential neighborhoods and districts that mingle with other modern neighborhoods and districts in the city. This may partially justify the fact that Istanbul is the place where freedom of thought is best guaranteed. And despite a Muslim majority, the city homes other religions including Christianity. Istanbul also enjoys a modern transport network connecting its neighborhoods to each other. It is connected to other cities all over Turkey through modern and uncongested highways.

One of the most attractive districts that are characterized by their modern architecture in Istanbul city is Beyoglu, which is considered the heart of the city. Beyoglu is famous for its cafes, restaurants, parks, shops, and markets, which makes it a destination for tourists from all over the world. It will make no sense for a tourist to visit Istanbul without visiting the Beyoglu neighborhood at least once.

“A Turkish region with an Arab flavor” could be the phrase that best describes Fateh, which is one of the greatest choices for tourists interested in monuments and architecture in Istanbul city. Located in the historic peninsula of Istanbul city, Fateh is a highly-populated area that is characterized by the Islamic character, which is clearly manifested in the internal and external designs of its houses and in the many famous historical mosques. The city is a home for many inhabitants from the Arab region, who live there either as tourists, temporary immigrants or even Turkish citizens.

Pashak Shahir:
Inhabited by most of the wealthy Arabs living in Turkey, Pashak Shahir is one of the quietest districts in Istanbul. It’s a modern area abound with modern buildings and new construction projects. It’s usually sought by those who are interested in real estate investment in Turkey. Its unique calm throughout the year is attributed to its wide streets and the lack of shops and Malls. And despite the availability of all housing services, it has maintained its calm in the best possible way. Thus, it is very suitable for lovers of tranquillity and new places or for those who are interested in buying apartments in Istanbul for resale and profit purposes.

Belek Douzou:
Belek Douzou is one of the areas that witnessed a remarkable development in the field of real estate in recent years. And due to the availability of lands, it’s considered the most attractive area in terms of real estate investment. It’s located in the far west of the European section of Istanbul; however, it is not far away from the famous areas and the center of the city. And despite the calm and the comfortable living conditions that distinguish it, its real estate prices are not that high. The city has gardens and green spaces that overlook the beach. The abundance of many apartments for sale-with various areas and prices- is another added value of this district.

Owning apartments in Istanbul and Turkey in general is not that difficult. All that you need to do is to choose the place that fully matches your desire and demands. You can find all the required information related to the specifications and the prices of apartments in Istanbul or Turkey before buying in many specialized websites. As well, you can search to find the best choice that fits with you in terms of features and prices before buying.

Istanbul differs from the rest of the Turkish cities from various perspectives including the fact that part of the city is located in Europe whereas the other is in Asia. So, don’t get surprised if you find some offers saying “apartments for sale in Istanbul Asia” and others saying “apartments for sale in Istanbul Europe” while searching. However, it’s worth noting that the majority look for apartments on the European side of the city. Indeed, owning a property in the European side of the city could be advantageous, as you bought in Europe on one hand, and in a city that homes many Arabs and Muslims –which will not make you feel like a stranger- on the other hand. This is an advantage that other European countries don’t enjoy.

Despite the availability of real estate for sale all over the Turkish territory, the real estate market in Istanbul remains the most active one. Rates of real estate purchase and sale in the city steadily increase from a year to another according to formal statistics. And the higher the percentage of residential neighborhoods in the city, the higher the rate of requests for purchasing residential units within those neighborhoods

Istanbul enjoys other geographical features indeed. Not only is it a city that locates in both Asia and Europe, but it is a city that is located close to other important cities in Turkish Geography also. Hence, it can be viewed as a hub for other important surrounding cities. So, we are going to provide information related to the distance and proximity of this city to some other famous Turkish cities such as Trabzon and Bursa and explain how to get to these cities from the center of the city.

Istanbul and Trabzon:
Trabzon is one of the most important cities locates adjacent to Istanbul. The distance between both is about 1,069 km. There are several ways to depart to this city from Istanbul. The most famous among these actually is Land Travel using a private car or taxi. The journey would take 11 hours at maximum. The second island travel using special buses for internal traveling. Journey in this case would take 19 hours. The third is through domestic flights and in this case the trip would take from an hour and a half to two hours, depending on the trip.

Istanbul and Bursa:
Bursa is one of the closest cities to Istanbul; it’s only 152 kilometers from the center of Istanbul. This distance is less than a quarter of that between Istanbul and Trabzon. Bursa can easily be reached through Sea Travelling in a record time that doesn’t exceed one hour from the Yani Kaby area. Some consider it a cruise and not an internal trip. By taxi or a private car, it would take you three hours to arrive there.

Istanbul and Spanga:
Spanga is one of the most beautiful Turkish cities in terms of nature and beautiful scenery. It is not far from the capital, Istanbul. It is located on the Asian side of the capital. It is closer to Bursa: only 140 kilometers by car.

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