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Tourism seasons in Turkey

أفضل الطرق للاستثمار والحصول على الجنسية التركية

Turkey is one of the most #beautiful_tourist_destinations_in_the_world and is a destination for foreign tourists who love nature and are interested in history and monuments.

Also, Investors who want to #buy_apartments_in_Istanbul and other Turkish cities.

Turkey is known as a "Paradise on Earth", due to the beauty of its breathtaking nature, attracting tourists from everywhere and in all seasons throughout the year. Wherever your destination is in Turkey, you will be enthralled by every corner of each city in it.

And you won't be busy thinking about your destination as every city in #Turkey has its own charm and influence. but you may wonder, when is the right time to visit Turkey?

What are the seasons of #tourism_in_Turkey?

Turkey is diverse in terms of the beauty of its nature and mild climate, that’s why it is a perfect tourist destination in all seasons of the year.

Spring season in Turkey:

With the beginning of spring between April and May which be the most beautiful period for tourism in Turkey as the climate is going to be very pleasant and moderate.

We recommend you to visit #Istanbul in the spring, where Istanbul celebrates the Tulip Festival, in April each year and during this festival the largest tulip carpet in the world is planted and all the city’s gardens are decorated with beautiful tulips.

Such as the Emirgan, Gulhane, Yildiz, and many other gardens. These gardens in #Istanbul city Gardens hosts concerts, paintings and photograph events, musicians and artists throughout the spring season as well which makes them more attractive and entertaining.

Summer season in Turkey:

Summer is the preferred season for tourists to spend their vacation in Turkey.

Where tourists go to the beaches and the most famous #coastal_cities_in_Turkey "Antalya, Marmaris, Bodrum".

Others may prefer cold green highlands and head to the northern cities in the country. Like the green city of Bursa which attracts tourists in the summer, with its mild and pleasant summer climate and the beauty of its nature, as it combines the green mountain environment with the sea view and includes many tourist attractions, the most important of which is the Uludag mountain which surrounds the city in all its aspects.

When you visit the city of Bursa you can experience riding the Bursa chairlift, which extends above the Uludag mountain and is the longest chairlift in the world.

Autumn season in Turkey:

Autumn in Turkey runs between September and November. This is the most popular time for tourists to visit #tourist_places_in_Turkey, where the atmosphere is very mild and becomes suitable for hiking and touring.

The city of Trabzon is the 'Black Sea Pearl', which is located in the north-east of Turkey, one of the most beautiful areas that you can visit in the fall and make a special tour between the green hills overlooking the Black Sea and ancient historical landmarks such as Trabzon Castle and its museum, and the old Ottoman markets.

Winter season in Turkey:

Winter in Turkey extends from December to March and Turkey attracts tourists on New Year's holiday.

And most of the foreign tourists prefer to spend their holiday in #Istanbul and its surroundings in particular.

So, some go to Sapanca, which is about 138 km from Istanbul, where snow clad in the high mountains in the region, making it a destination for ski lovers. On the outskirts of Sapanca lake there are many winter touristic resorts that offer the opportunity to escape the noise of the city and spend a special time in the peaceful nature.

If you are planning to visit Turkey and have a great time and vacation, Turkey will open its doors throughout the year, in every season of the year you find a place to host you and offer you a unique holiday.

If you want to visit Turkey for the purpose of tourism and investment at the same time and want to #buy_apartments_in_Istanbul, most construction companies offer investors a lot of special offers in the summer period, and the competition among these construction companies increases in the winter, where they compete to offer many discounts of up to 30% And more.

You can take advantage of these offers anytime in your annual vacation,

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