Why you should buy a holiday home in Turkey

Should I Buy a Holiday Home in Turkey?

Holiday Home in turkey 2022

Should I Buy a Holiday Home in Turkey?


When asked if I should buy a holiday home in Turkey, our answer is always yes. Of course, you might accuse us of bias, which is natural considering we are a real estate agency. But we can also point to any of the holiday and tourist resorts to show thousands of foreigners who have bought a house there. Some initially bought it for holiday and eventually moved out to live in Turkey because the lure was great.

Every year, foreigners buy about 40,000 to 50,000 houses in Turkey. Considering that Turkey was one of the top ten most popular holiday destinations in the world in an average year when COVID did not exist, it now ranks alongside places like Spain and Greece. If that alone is not enough to prove Turkey's appeal, let us look at other reasons why Turkey is a great place to buy a holiday home.

Why you should buy a holiday home in Turkey

holiday home in turkey 2022

1: Ideal holiday weather

People who go on holiday want to be active and not stuck in the house. They want to go to the beach, the pool and eat outdoors. Although there are different climate zones in Turkey, the coasts of the Aegean and the Mediterranean provide the perfect setting for 300 days a year. February and March are the rainy months, but temperatures start to warm up before peaking at 40 degrees in August. In some places like Antalya, people even swim in the sea on Christmas Day.

2: Real estate prices in Turkey

There is no way you can buy a property in Spain for the same price as in Turkey. This is one of the biggest temptations, because you do not have to refinance to become a homeowner. Some areas like Altinkum or Alanya rise as bargain neighbourhoods. Others, however, like Kalkan and Yalikavak on the Bodrum coast, are known for their large, luxurious villas. In some areas, mass development has taken place, so you can buy a newly built home and be the first to put the key in the door. View the range of properties for sale in Turkey here and contact us if you would like more details on a house.

3: Costs of running and maintaining the house

After you buy your property, you still have bills to pay and maintenance to do. This is where Turkey impresses with low household bills. Water costs less than £5 per month, and there is no TV license to pay. Our annual council tax is only 100 liras a year, which is less than £10 as things stand - nothing like the amount UK residents must pay. Many homeowners hire a cleaner to go through the house before they arrive on holiday because they charge reasonable rates and do an excellent job. Owning a second home in Turkey does not have to break the bank.


4: Nightlife on holiday

Most vacationers enjoy the beach or pool during the day and then want to go out for a hearty, delicious meal in the evening. Here, all resorts provide their version of what should happen after dark. Antalya city centre, for example, has a vibrant nightlife that lasts into the wee hours of the morning, while places like Yalikavak on the Bodrum Peninsula focus on sit-down dining, with fine dining and good conversation. If you are a family, choose one of the child-friendly resorts that also have sit-down bars with entertainment. You will find a tourist town that suits your ideas of the night.

5: Airports and transfers

We all agree that we want good airports and short transfer times when arriving on holiday. The resorts in Turkey are all served by the international airports of Antalya, Dalaman and Bodrum, which call themselves award-winning hubs of air transport. From there, you have short transfer times to most tourist destinations. In addition, Turkey has invested billions in modernising its seaports, marinas, and roads, in case you want to arrive by car or by sea. So, your holiday in Turkey will not be hindered by an inadequate transport network.

6: Activities and excursions

When you are on holiday, you may be a person who likes to explore, and here Turkey offers plenty to do. Let us start with the obscene number of historical sites. It would take a lifetime to explore them all, as Turkey's varied and colourful history encompasses many civilizations. Perhaps you like places of natural beauty? In that case, the Fethiye region, with places like Saklikent Gorge, the Valley of the Butterflies and the Blue Lagoon, is just the place. Pursue your passion for photography, engage in adventure sports or visit small towns and villages; in any case, you will never get bored.

7: Ideal investment

Experts say that one of the best investments you can make is bricks and mortar and owning a holiday home in Turkey diversifies your portfolio. Many areas offer ideal potential for capital growth at low property prices if you keep the property for about 5 to 10 years. Some homeowners also rent out their holiday home when they are not using it. This can be an additional source of income but remember that there are rules and regulations to follow.

8: Wide choice of places in Turkey

The market for holiday homes is concentrated on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. All the top tourist cities are located here, and homebuyers have a choice of hundreds of towns and villages. On the Aegean coast, the Bodrum peninsula begins with prime destinations like Turkbuku and Torba, while Gumbet and Turgutreis are praised for their reasonable prices.

The Fethiye region is located on the Mediterranean Sea and includes Calis beach, the city centre, Hisaronu and Ovacik, and the mountainous Uzumlu. It is a popular destination for many British holiday home buyers. Moving on, we reach the Antalya region, which is divided into smaller coastal resorts such as golfing Belek, beachy Kemer, historic Side, and the city centre. Learn more about the best places here.

9: Easy buying process for houses and apartments

Deciding to buy a holiday property in Turkey and making it happen are, of course, two different things. We understand that many foreign home buyers get nervous about the process, but that's normal. The good news is that the process of buying a home is easier and faster than in many other countries. Plus, there are many ways to protect your investment and keep it safe. In this article, we will give you an overview of the home buying process.

10: Turkish Lifestyle, Culture and Traditions

One of the biggest enticements is the lifestyle, culture, and traditions in Turkey. The good old-fashioned manners and warm hospitality make everyone feel at home on their first holiday. This is what keeps foreigners coming back year after year. Combine this with the relaxed lifestyle on the beaches, and it's easy to see why many foreigners own holiday homes in Turkey.

Best Places to Buy a holiday home in Turkey

best places to buy a holiday home in turkey

Buying a holiday home in Turkey is a great way to spend your holiday, and you have a choice of locations. Depending on your tastes and preferences, you may prefer to stay in a city or in a more rural area. Whatever your choice, there are many advantages to buying a holiday home.


Buying a holiday home in Turkey can be a good investment, as demand for properties is high all year round. The country has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and thousands of foreigners have bought properties in Turkey.

Istanbul is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. The city is divided between Asia and Europe. It is an ideal destination for a business trip or a leisure holiday. It has a rich history and culture.

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Buying a holiday home in Fethiye is a good option for those who want to spend a relaxing holiday in Turkey. The city is known for its rich heritage and has a cosmopolitan atmosphere. It also has a lot to offer for tourists. Buying a property in Fethiye is not as complicated as it may seem.

One of the most interesting attractions is the Blue Lagoon, which is one of the most famous natural landscapes in Turkey. It is a very popular area for paragliding and tandem paragliding flights.


Buying a holiday home in Bodrum is a great investment opportunity. This area of Turkey is a hotspot for real estate investment. Its proximity to the Aegean Sea, rich history and culture, and world-class beaches make it a great location for a home.

Bodrum is a popular destination for summer vacations. The peninsula is home to beautiful sandy beaches and turquoise waters. The nightlife is also a big draw. Many of the restaurants specialize in fresh, locally caught fish. The area is also known for its marinas.

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Canakkale is located on Turkey's Aegean coast and is an ideal destination for those who want to explore ancient historical sites and relax on the sandy beaches. The city is also a good starting point for visiting Gallipoli, one of the best military battlefields in the world. The city's waterfront is the most popular tourist attraction. Its idyllic atmosphere, vibrant nightlife and wide selection of restaurants attract visitors from all over the world.

There are a variety of hotels in Canakkale, including those that are reasonably priced. There are also several more luxurious options, such as the Kolin Hotel. This luxury hotel is centrally located and features an outdoor pool, spa, and fitness centre.

Assos Bay

Whether you are looking for a quiet beach holiday or a historical getaway, the Assos Bay holiday rental in Turkey offers the perfect getaway. It is in the north of Turkey's Aegean region. The area is known for its natural wonders and was a place of Greek civilization as early as the Bronze Age.

If you love history, you will be amazed by the ancient ruins in Assos. The ruins are located on a hill, near the houses of the village. They are open from October to March from 8:00 to 17:00. The entrance fee is about 25 Turkish liras.


Belek is a town in Antalya, Turkey that has a lot to offer. The region enjoys an excellent climate all year round with over 300 days of sunshine a year. It is a popular holiday destination and ideal for all kinds of family trips.

In addition to beaches and golf courses, there are several attractions and activities in Belek, including ancient sites and national parks. For those who enjoy shopping, there is an excellent selection of shopping centres in Belek. There is also a Saturday market for local produce.


Located on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, Kemer is one of the most popular holiday destinations. This small town is located on the west side of the Gulf of Antalya. It is known for its beautiful beaches, the Taurus Mountains, and its lively nightlife. The city is also a good destination for families, as it offers many attractions for children.

Kemer is surrounded by beautiful nature, with the Taurus Mountains on one side and a turquoise sea on the other. There is a mild Mediterranean climate with average summer temperatures between 75 and 90 degrees Celsius.

Costs for management and maintenance of a holiday home

Buying a holiday home in Turkey has its advantages. For one, you can get a good deal on the maintenance of your property. Aside from the obvious things like painting and tiling, there are many ways to keep your holiday rental in pristine condition. For example, you can hire a company to keep an eye out for you. These companies offer a range of free services such as house cleaning and lawn mowing. Or you can choose to take matters into your own hands.