Why do foreigners prefer medical tourism in Turkey?

السياحة العلاجية في تركيا

Going abroad for medical treatment has a new concept today, as many countries are providing what is known as medical tourism, a concept that goes beyond just treatment to exploring and touring around in the country you chose to get treated.


Among the most countries around the world that have great potential in the medical field, we find Turkey, this country that has the strongest infrastructure in medical cities, such as the medical city of Basaksehir, and also a lot of highly qualified medical personnel.


During the Corona period, for example, Turkey was able to demonstrate the high level of its medical staff and its successful conduct of the health crisis, which was admired on a global level.

In recent years, Turkey has turned into a therapeutic destination in many specialties such as aesthetic medicine and surgical operations, where thousands of visitors visit it annually for medical tourism, what is the reason behind this and how does Turkey receive its visitors and what are the benefits of medical tourism in Turkey?


Medical tourism in Turkey

Medical tourism is considered one of the most popular medical departments at present due to the satisfaction it provides to the foreign patient who may not find in his country of origin the same treatment services or the same efficiency that the Turkish medical teams have.

And travel agencies specializing in medical tourism in Turkey provide multiple packages and exceptions for people who want treatment, many of which contain discounts and special offers.

And the cost of medical tourism in Turkey is low compared to many developed countries such as the United States of America.


It should be noted that travel at present is no longer limited to the wealthy only, but many patients can travel, get treatment and tourism in Turkey at a price not exceeding a thousand dollars after Turkey opened its doors to receive those wishing to get treatment and tour among the most beautiful tourist places In Istanbul and the rest of the cities of Turkey.


The advantages of medical tourism in Turkey

The benefits of a foreigner who chooses Turkey for treatment and tourism are varied.

Below we list the most important advantages of medical tourism in Turkey:

  • Turkey provides high-quality health care, as most of its doctors and surgeons are highly qualified and provide high-level health care services to foreign patients, and most of them hold international training and accreditation certificates from major medical universities in western countries such as the United States of America and Britain.
  • Many Turkish medical centers obtain accreditation of well-known international health organizations such as ISO, JCI, and others.
  •  Providing immediate treatment services, as the various medical centers in Turkey are keen on dealing with the issue of health quickly and with high accuracy, as it does not accept complacency or postponement.
  • Facilitating travel procedures to Turkey, where most of the medical procedures in Turkey can be scheduled through the internet service or customer service by phone with great flexibility in booking flights and also surgical appointments.
  • Enjoy the beauty of Turkey thanks to the tours provided by the medical centers free of charge to patients to reduce the pressure of treatment on them.
  • Low cost of treatment compared to the rest of the European countries and the United States of America while ensuring excellent results.
  • The use of the latest modern technologies in treatment in Turkish hospitals.
  • Ensuring the comfort and recovery of the patient during his treatment in Turkey.
  • The presence of medical centers competing with its leading international counterparts in the therapeutic field.
  • The presence of many hot springs that provide great care for the foreigner who went to Turkey for medical tourism.

The medical city of Basaksehir… national treasure

It is the third medical city in Istanbul and the largest in the world with an area of one million square meters and was opened in April 2020 with a capacity of 2682 beds and 456 intensive care units distributed across 8 different hospitals, 708 specialized treatment clinics and 90 operating rooms of international standards, not to mention the providing it with insulators resistant to all types of seismic activities, ensuring medical service even at the time of earthquakes.


Başakşehir region, where this medical city is located, gathers the best and most beautiful landscapes as it is located alongside the largest cypress and pine forests in addition to the most prominent reserve in Istanbul, the famous "Samlar" reserve which is annually visited by thousands of tourists to enjoy seeing many rare animals.

And the charming nature of Bashakshehir does not end at the green forests, as it contains natural and industrial lakes, valleys, and rivers, which makes it characterized by a wonderful calm throughout the year. 


Hence the great interest in the region and serious thought began in building many infrastructure projects and real estate projects that have increased the demand for buying property in Istanbul.

The infrastructure of Basaksehir is the strongest in Turkey, where many installations have been built, including the following:

  • Universities and educational institutions that include all levels and the three languages ​​Turkish, Arabic and English, and the large presence of foreigners in Basaksehir has made schools dependent on many international educational curricula such as "Canadian, American, Yemeni, Lebanese, Libyan ... and others",  In addition to this, the region has many public and private universities, the most prominent of which is Ibn Khaldun University.
  • Hospitals and health facilities where there are the most famous government hospitals in the Başakşehir region, in addition to dozens of private clinics and specialized medical centers with excellent absorptive capacity, which enabled Başakşehir city to be the largest medical city in Europe due to the treatment facilities that witness a general expansion after another in various specialties.
  • Recreational facilities as Basaksehir contains an endless number of amusement facilities, entertainment, and large commercial centers, the most important of which is the Mall of Istanbul in addition to the old popular markets and weekly bazaars that attract many visitors, in addition to the International Ataturk Stadium and Exhibition Center and the second largest exhibition space in Istanbul, cinema halls, swimming pools, and parks and other important leisure facilities.

The famous Basaksehir which is located near the new Istanbul airport owns one of the most advanced and robust infrastructures in Istanbul, which made it have a strong and wide transportation network that made it a transportation node as it is the crossroads of many vital roads, on top of which are the TEM south road and the E5 highway in addition to the  Southern Marmara highway, and many metro lines, it is also expected that the tramway line will be extended to it, in addition to this, the famous Başakşehir includes many bus lines that connect it with about 90% of Istanbul's areas, which made Basaksehir a favorite destination for buying property in Istanbul.