Turkey has witnessed during the last ten years the construction of the largest number of infrastructure projects

Turkey’s infrastructure… one of the strongest infrastructures in the world

تعرف على مشاريع البنية التحتية في تركيا

Turkey with a population of more than 84 million people contains many archaeological sites and charming tourist places that need strong infrastructure that depends on the restoration of bridges and tunnels and the creation of new ones, as well as high attention to highways and international roads and the opening of more airports and medical cities and others.


Therefore, Turkey has been keen for continuous years to strengthen its investments and expand in the field of infrastructure, whether by government projects or by the private sector investors, and its name has become associated with projects that are the largest in the world, attracting attention and positively affecting the rest of the sectors, such as the real estate sector, which has received a large turnout by foreigners who have rushed to buy property in Turkey near infrastructure projects, because it contains all the service facilities, which at the same time increased the price of properties in Turkey in recent years.


As Turkey implemented until 2017, according to statistics, more than 40% of the volume of global investments in infrastructure with a financial value exceeding $ 45 billion.


What are the most prominent infrastructure projects in Turkey in recent years?

Turkey has witnessed during the last ten years the construction of the largest number of infrastructure projects, which made it stand out globally as one of the most developed countries in terms of infrastructure and among the most important infrastructure projects in Turkey we mention:

  • Istanbul Water Canal

The Istanbul Water Canal is one of the largest projects that Turkey is working on constructing, as excavation work will start from the next year 2021, and it is is called by the Turkish government the “Gift”, since it will be given to the Turkish people by the centenary of the founding of the Turkish Republic.

The Istanbul water Canal that extends from Kucukcekmece Lake in the south to the Black Sea in the north will facilitate the movement of commercial ships coming to Turkey from Europe through the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Mediterranean Sea and the Dardanelles Strait to Africa and thus significantly reduce the burden on the Bosphorus.

  • Istanbul third airport

" Istanbul Airport" was inaugurated and the first flight was launched from it in March of the last year 2019, and many experts and people from different countries of the world at that time showed their admiration for its impressive design and large-area despite the opening of the first stage only.


The airport is expected to open in all its parts in 2023, with The centenary of the founding of the Turkish Republic, with a capacity of up to 250 million passengers annually and 500 aircraft in the runways simultaneously.

  • Medical cities

Among the projects that have made a development revolution in the Turkish real estate sector are the medical cities that have been extensively constructed to increase the capacity of accommodating patients, especially foreigners who prefer Turkish medical services.

Eight new medical cities are being built in Turkey, in addition to 10 medical cities that are currently operating, most notably the "Basaksehir Medical", the first in Europe in terms of intensive care beds with a capacity of approximately 500 beds.

  • Local and international roads, tunnels and bridges

Turkey's infrastructure has been reinforced by many local and international roads, where it is being opened almost every month. 

Among the most important ones are Marmara Southern Road, the new Izmir Road "Gebze", the Canakkale 1915 Bridge Road, the Balıkesir Road, the Eurasia Tunnel that connects the two parts of Istanbul.


And the infrastructure in Turkey does not stop at the aforementioned examples. Rather, it also includes all types of transportation, smart cities and other technological ones such as "Technopark", and major parks such as the Valley of Life, in addition to the other service facilities that have facilitated the lives of Turks and foreigners residing in Turkey or tourists who come to it annually.