Property Turkey: 2 Time-Tested Tips for Quick Returns

Property Turkey: 2 Time-Tested Tips for Quick Returns

real estate tips for quick returns

If you’re looking to invest in a market that’s full of opportunities and known for stability, make your move towards property. Turkey in particular is the destination for this purpose with its diverse landscapes, low costs, and high profits. But when you have all these options for property Turkey, it can be difficult to know where to start and how to get your revenues skyrocketing.


Our experts put together the basics to help you make the most out of your property Turkey. 


Where You Should Buy Your Property Turkey


Turkey has altogether 81 provinces with the majority witnessing rapid urbanization and turning into prominent tourist attractions. Yet most people buy property Turkey in İstanbul followed by Bursa and Antalya. And there’s a reason behind the disparity and why İstanbul is taking the greediest share of sales of property Turkey. 


Many of the investors are seeking quick-profits and İstanbul meets all the requirements to deliver these interests. You have massive projects both under construction or completed scattered all around the city. Owning property in the vicinity of these projects creates opportunities of investment with great profit margins.


Likewise, the strain of property demands İstanbul is undergoing is substantial in comparison to other property Turkey. In terms of economics, this pressure will trigger a surge in prices. So buying property Turkey in İstanbul now, will guarantee decent ROI within a year or two. Granted of course you buy property in areas that have potential for quick returns.  


Best Property Turkey offers


Turkey’s property market is brimming with special offers. Particularly since the urbanization in the city is recent. Which means most of the biggest projects are unparalleled either in terms of design or location. For this reason you can easily find property Turkey with description the checks of all the boxes.


For instance, projects on the banks of Marmara Sea or projects overlooking breath taking scenery. You can easily land your self a property Turkey with a million dollar view. 

Property Turkey in Beylikduzu


Neighborhoods in Beylikduzu are famous for their tranquility, integrated services, and most importantly breath-taking views of misty mountains. 


It’s far away from the hustle and bustle of the city center making it a sought-after destination. Buying property Turkey in Beylikduzu is a decent investment move. 

Not only was the district of Beylikduzu the first to undergo urbanization in the city, it’s become the embracing region for the upper class. 


Luxurious compounds with private comprehensive services that are the jewel to the crown. The area also has an active transportation system that makes living in it a breeze. You have the metrobus passing through the region linking it all the way to Asian İstanbul. In addition to private and public transport buses that allow your to flexibly move around the region. 

Property Turkey: Beylikduzu 



Property Turkey in Avcilar and Kucukcekmece 


Avcialr is a propesrous district extending on the coast of Marmara Sea. It’s especially known for its urban and modern projects, affordable prices, and proximity toe E-5 line, Istanbul’s primary transportation node. 


Avcilar is on the brinks of becoming a luxurious region with prices that appeal only to the 1%. This transition is the result of the İstanbul Canal project, where after its completion, property prices in Turkey will take a drastic leap. 


Kucukcekmece is a district that shares the investment value of Avcilar with its proximity to the İstanbul Canal.  But Kucukcekmece has a distinct advantage of a lagoon in the heart of its district that gives the project area a special view. Projects near the lake or overlooking the lake are projected to annually increase in terms of prices. 


Moreover, since the lake is a tourist attraction, owning property Turkey near the natural lake of Kucukmece will give you the flexibility to rent your flat to tourists or turn your apartment into a vacation flat that guarantees high rental returns. 



Property Turkey: Avcilar and Kucukcekmece



Property Turkey in Beykoz 


Beykoz is the place if you’re a nature lover. It’s where the details of Turkey’s beautiful landscape intertwine with architecture. Projects in Beykoz of Turkey capture an unparalleled view of the forests along side the Sea of Marmara. 


It’s waking to the chirping of birds everyday and living a fairytale in the heart of Asian İstanbul. Everything from the view to the fresh air feeds the soul, which has made Beykoz the biggest destination for the upper class. 


Beykoz is a district that’s only just rising to fame giving it a prosperous future in terms of investment. If you want guaranteed returns through property Turkey, Beykoz is undoubtedly the region for you. 

You don’t have to worry about reselling it as the demand for property Turkey in Beykoz is on a steady rise. You can easily fine tenants you want to exploit the rental returns in the area, likewise it can easily be turned into a vacation flat. 

Property Turkey: Beykoz 


Property Turkey in Taksim 


The infamous Taksim square is a tourist destination that will never grow old. With thousands of visitors spread across the region down to Istiklal street, Taksim becomes an unprecedented investment opportunity.


While it’s natural for long-term tenants to avoid the area due to its crowded nature, tourists feel otherwise. The area is heavily populated by restaurants, cafes, malls and other facilities that make it the go-to for foreigners. 


Owning property Turkey in Taksim varies greatly from other regions. You can lease the property to a business such as a coffee shop and that’s your easy money. 


Taksim is considered more expensive than other areas but if you’re an entrepreneur you can easily make sale from buying Property Turkey in Taksim.  


Experts predict prices to continuously rise as Taksim gains more fame. 



Property Turkey: Taksim 



Property Turkey on the Basin Express



The Basin Express is the lifeline that connects between Turkey’s main transportation arteries the E-5 and the E-80 leading to the newest airport in Istanbul. Buying property Turkey on the Basin Express is a safe investment move. The area is turning into a monumental financial and business centers and experts predict its growth to parallel that of Levent’s, Turkeys economic hub that’s home to headquarters of the biggest brands. 


Likewise, investing in the vicinity of the Basin Express gives you the ability to flexibly exploit your property for profits. Whether through rental returns or reselling. 



Property Turkey: Basin Express 



The Takeaway 


Investing in Property Turkey can give you the returns you’re after. But you must consider the right province in Turkey as well as the districts in it. Istanbul is driving the bigger portions of Turkey’s real estate and the massive projects the city is witnessing make it a secure option. Where the predictions available regarding real-estate prices are founded on solid proof.


Next comes buying strategic property in Turkey. We have put together a list of special areas and corresponding offers that are secure in terms of future returns. 


For any inquiries about real estate in Turkey, contact our experts.