5 ways to invest in real estate in Turkey

5 ways to invest in real estate in Turkey

5 طرق للاستثمار في العقارات في تركيا

Real estate investment in Turkey is the best option for many Arab investors, among them Ahmed from Iraq, who chose Turkey as his home for his real estate investments due to the facilities and multiple advantages he found in this country.


He bought an apartment within one of the offers of apartments for sale in Istanbul, precisely in a promising "developing" area seven years ago, to later become one of the most important foreign investors in the country with capital equivalent to 10 million dollars, what is his magic mixture and how he managed to turn into a difficult number In the Turkish real estate market in a short period?


What the Arab investor Ahmed has done in Turkey is not strange for any investor who is thinking logically about developing his wealth, as he chose the right and straightforward way, "investing money in real estate", the best and safest assets to preserve money from inflation factors compared to other investment methods such as trading gold. Or the stock market, as many of the world's richest people choose real estate investment because the real estate remains in the event of any decline or losses, but rather they obtain from it a fixed monthly or annual return, in addition to the fact that the value of the property in all countries of the world increases over time. The country in which the investor was "Turkey" has been witnessing in recent years a steady growth and a great demand for buying real estate in all its cities, especially Istanbul and Antalya.


Real estate investment in Turkey is suitable for beginners, as it does not require much experience, and it includes many methods that Alhuda Real Estate Investment Company proposes to those wishing to own property in Turkey to develop his wealth and double his capital, as follows:


Investing in land


Many clients who contact Alhuda Real Estate Investment consultants want to buy a plot of land in the most profitable areas, which we encourage as a professional and expert team in the real estate market in Turkey, as all investor experiences through us confirm that they are very satisfied with the results achieved regarding investment In lands of all kinds, urban and agricultural, and this process depends on buying a plot of land in a location that has geographical and service-profit advantages and waiting a little for its value to rise, provided that the process of selling it is multiplied later, and the plots of lands that have been purchased can be used in the leasing process that can guarantee a fixed income that enables the investor to recover his capital in a few years.


Building real estate for sale


The investor’s orientation towards building ready-made housing of all kinds, whether houses, villas, apartments, condominiums, shops, etc. He offers it for sale separately or in full, and he will notice the great turnout for it since many people wishing to buy a property in Turkey prefer to buy newly-constructed ready-made housing without any prior use of it.


Investing through building real estate for sale depends to a large extent on the abundance of capital and its abundance, whether with the investor himself or through his partners if more than one person contributed to the investment project.


Building real estate for rent


Many investors construct modern residential complexes or commercial properties "such as malls", and when they are ready, they prefer to retain their ownership in exchange for their exploitation by renting them out. Here they draw up a profit plan to ensure a constant monthly income with ownership.


The process of trading in real estate through leasing is one of the most common methods due to its ease and the continuation of financial gain through it for a long time.


Buying Turkish properties for the purpose of selling or renting


Some investors prefer to buy real estate in Turkey in areas that provide good services or are qualified to develop within a short period, given the surrounding strategic projects. The purchase of these properties is not to own them, but to lease them or resell them again to benefit from the profitable increase in their price thanks to the time factor, i.e. after a certain period has passed.


This type of investment requires seizing the opportunity to buy a property at the lowest prices, i.e. real estate at low prices, to increase the volume of profits after selling it, whether in a short period or after a significant period or by renting it.


Buying and repairing a property in Turkey for the purpose of selling or renting


This investment method does not differ from the first method except in the fact that the investor who bought real estate in Turkey will pay the additional money after purchasing apartments for sale in Istanbul. For example, to improve their appearance and decoration to become better and thus rent or sell them at a higher price later to earn more money.


Many investors are introducing many improvements to apartments for sale in Turkey after buying them for rent or sale, such as doors and windows, installing new ceramics while improving kitchen and bathroom design and home furnishing.


Rent Turkish properties and re-rent them


The investor rents the property in Turkey and improves everything in the apartment before it is re-offered for rent at a higher price, subject to prior notification and permission from the property owner.


Suitable areas for real estate investment in Turkey


Alhuda Real Estate Investment in Turkey offers to its clients' several areas suitable for buying property in Istanbul to double their money.


Although many foreigners associate the success of real estate investment in Turkey with Istanbul, recent experiences have shown that there are other regions, such as Antalya, the capital, Ankara, Bursa and Trabzon, that can achieve greater returns than expected.


To expand your information about the most important real estate investment areas in Turkey, we suggest that you read this article:


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Finally, it should be noted that the profits of real estate investment in Turkey differ according to the plan set by the foreign investor for his project and the extent of his patience with embodying it in reality.

The Turkish authorities offer many advantages to foreign investors, especially the recent revisions in the laws, the most important of which is the law on obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment in exchange for buying a property worth only 250 thousand US dollars.