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Advantages of buying property in Istanbul near shopping centers .. You will be surprised

Advantages of buying property in Istanbul near shopping centers .. You will be surprised

The demands of those who are thinking about buying property in Istanbul, Turkey, are almost not free from inquiries about the location of the apartment, villa, or any other type of property, as it should be strategic and close to transportation and vital installations,

And the geographical location of the property plays a great importance in determining its financial value and the value of its returns in the event that it is directed for rent or sale and also in speeding up the pace of its purchase or not.

Among the factors that have a great impact on the purchase of property in Turkey, we find the repeated question from clients and investors, regarding the proximity of the apartment, villa or property in general to shopping centers or commercial malls due to its importance especially if it is famous in raising the prices of the property next to it, where the researcher finds apartments for sale in Istanbul or for sale property in Turkey, that the prices of properties close to the commercial malls are the most expensive compared to their counterparts, which are located far from the well-known shopping centers.


What are the benefits of buying property in Istanbul near shopping centers?

Istanbul markets go beyond merely being commercial centers to display various types of goods and merchandise, as they are huge complexes as well  in addition to the latest Turkish and international products and brands, displaying the face of the region, its heritage, culture and civilization, where Istanbul malls are distinguished by their unique engineering designs and integrated services that turned them into a tourist, recreational and residential attraction at the same time, and on this basis, the proximity of a property in Turkey to the shopping centers has become a factor of strength and costly at the same time, especially those properties close to the well-known and most popular Istanbul malls and attracting for visitors.

The demand for properties adjacent to the shopping centers in Istanbul and Turkey in general in recent times has increased, which has led to an increase in their value to the double, especially as the areas that contain malls where there is a lot of vitality due to the high number of tourists and thus multiply opportunities to exploit the property investment with high profit returns for both the Turks themselves and foreigners as well.

The following is a statistic for the advantages of buying property in Istanbul, Turkey, near a shopping center:

  • The high investment value of buying property in Istanbul in the areas where Istanbul shopping centers are located, especially the major malls that attract thousands of visitors daily.
  • Buying property in Istanbul near shopping malls facilitates the shopping process, where the best local and international goods, brands are located.
  • Easy access to all famous brands at one time.
  • Shopping centers provide recreational spaces for children’s play and spaces suitable for families who live near, for weekly holidays and vacations.
  • Shopping centers provide many restaurants and cafes, especially those that are internationally renowned, making them an appropriate opportunity for nearby families who want to eat their weekend meals in an atmosphere of comfort and luxury.
  • Most of the commercial centers provide cinema halls and theaters, and this makes the much-needed entertainment venues close when buying property in Istanbul in one of these areas.
  • The shopping malls in Turkey provide high quality services as they receive constant governmental attention and support throughout the year.
  • The availability of security, comfort and high security guard in the commercial centers and the adjacent places, which makes the neighboring properties in a permanent safe.
  • Buying property in Istanbul, Turkey near shopping centers means enjoying the largest number of modern and fast transportation lines and the best transportation options, as the Turkish government strives to provide commercial malls distributed in various regions of Istanbul, whether in its Asian part or in its European side with a strong transportation network.
  • Many taxi stations provide "taxis" in the real estate areas where malls are located, which makes the need for transportation in urgent times available.
  • Easy and simple access to the property addresses near shopping centers in Istanbul.
  • The high rent prices of properties near shopping centers, which creates a totally appropriate opportunity for investors when buying property in Istanbul in order to put it for rent and benefit from its high profitability returns later.


List of some of the most famous shopping centers in Istanbul:

  • Cevahir Mall, Sisli
  • Metro City Mall, Levent
  • Kanyon Mall, Levent
  • Trump Towers, Sisli
  • Astoria Mall, Sisli
  • Istinye Park, Istinye
  • Akmerkez, Etiler
  • Forum Istanbul, Zeytinburnu
  • Mall of Istanbul, Ikitelli
  • Vadi İstanbul, Sariyar
  • Marmara Forum, Zeytinburnu
  • Historia Mall, Fatih

Buying property in Istanbul or real estate investing near one of the most important shopping centers in Istanbul is the perfect choice, especially that Istanbul malls have received a high global evaluation that praises their quality, the efficiency of their management and the visitors' satisfaction with their high-end services.