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advantages of owning property in Turkey that you will not benefit from unless you are a Palestinian

advantages of owning property in Turkey

"The Turks differ in everything, from politics to football, but they meet on one thing: the love of Palestine."

This statement of one of the former political leaders in Turkey summarizes the importance of Palestine and its people to the Turkish government and the Turks themselves, where more than 18 thousand Palestinians live in Turkey with a total of 5 thousand families, 60% of whom came from Syria and about 10 thousands of them obtained refugee residency.

About 8 thousand more, or the remaining 40%, came in different ways, whether from the Palestinian interior, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, the United States of America, Iraq, and different European countries.

The Palestinians in Turkey found the safe house and the embracing country, especially that they enjoy special treatment from the Turkish people and great interest from businessmen, celebrities, and influencers in Turkish society.

The Palestinians found students and workers standing in the universities and the labor market respectively, as the Turkish government gave students distinct opportunities in the largest and most famous Turkish universities in addition to the Palestinians occupying good positions, which made the Palestinian workforce in all areas enjoy a lot of appreciation by the Turkish community.


Chronology of Palestinians ownership of property in Turkey

In 2012, Turkey issued a landmark decision to allow foreigners the right to own properties on its lands while abolishing the principle of reciprocity with countries that prevent Turks from owning property, which constituted a positive point for Palestinians holding a Palestinian passport issued by the authority in Ramallah and also Palestinians who have a passport Jordanian where they were treated like Jordanian citizens.

Palestinians residing in other Arab countries such as Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, and Iraq, who could not obtain travel documents or any passport, found themselves unable to purchase a property under the repealed decision for the principle of reciprocity, but the Turkish government quickly recovered from the problem in which some Palestinians signed a decision The second year of 2019 made it possible for all Palestinians to own property in Turkey, whether they hold passports or just travel documents from Ramallah, Gaza and the territories of 48, or those residing in any foreign country.

One of the important and exceptional decisions that gave unprecedented facilities to the Palestinians who are interested in  buying property in Istanbul, Turkey is the 2019 decision, which was studied by the Turkish Ministry of Economy and the Department of Immigration Affairs of the province of Istanbul.

From the beginning of the implementation of the decision, Palestinian investors began to buy various types of properties, but the most prominent of them were commercial properties from shops and offices where Palestinian citizens proved themselves in the Turkish labor market, and they also accepted a second degree to buy residential property, especially within modern complexes that suit families seeking stability in a third degree, the Palestinians bought the corresponding investment properties to obtain Turkish passport.


Buying property in Turkey ... which ranks occupy the Palestinians?

For the past three years, the Palestinians have remained on the list of the 20 largest foreign countries that own the property in Turkey. In the past year, Palestinian investors have jumped to the eighth position globally and the fifth Arab purchase of the property in Turkey, with a total of 1152 properties, while they installed the years 2018 and 2017 ranked 15 globally and the eighth Arab.

Many reasons that pushed Palestinians to buy more Turkey properties, especially the exceptional investment opportunities that Turkey provides to foreigners, meet in one of the most global real estate markets, in addition to the growing number of immigrant investors from Palestine who want to develop their wealth due to the deterioration of the fragile economic conditions, especially in the Gaza Strip To them are added the Lebanese Palestinians who fled to Turkey to escape the difficult life there.

And the war in Syria played at the exit of many Palestinians who were settled there, especially after the incident of the invasion of their largest camp, "Yarmouk".

The host laws on the Arab community in the United States of America after Donald Trump's accession to power led to the Palestinians who reside there for Turkey as a safe haven for them and their families and their investments, especially with the incentives granted by Turkey like obtaining  the Turkish citizenship by investment in real estate or buying a property in Turkey with 250 thousand USD.

The Palestinians who chose Turkey found an environment suitable for them completely culturally, religiously and socially, in addition to the successful commercial experiences of some Palestinians in Turkey and the presence of many licensed Arab and Palestinian schools that formed another attraction, as Palestinian families in Turkey found the appropriate climate to educate their children.


Alhuda ... the Palestinian investment house in Turkey

Palestinians who want to invest in real estate in Turkey have a special place similar to all Arab nationalities at Alhuda, which provides them with exceptional services and gives them great attention and great help in all ownership procedures of their property in Turkey so that we help them choose the best and best offers in the most luxurious real estate projects with full consulting accompaniment since the first  moment they think of real estate investment in Turkey.

Alhuda devotes Palestinian investors real estate tours to the latest projects to the point of selection with the follow-up of all procedures for ownership and purchase transactions accompanied by a team of experts and lawyers who guarantee the health and safety of all transactions in addition to ensuring the provision of all after-sales services from renting or reselling the property to procedures for obtaining citizenship Turkish and real estate residence for property owners and their families.

Ahmed from Palestine, one of the recently held owners of property in Turkey, narrates through his guidance about his experience in purchasing a property in Turkey, and he says:

"It was a great experience as I managed in less than a week to find the property that I was looking for completely. I will never forget the kindness of Alhuda team who greeted me with love since my first phone call. I got the title deed in a very short time and the company experts alerted me to the possibility of naturalization so they started instead About me the procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship until I received the Turkish passport in less than 60 days, it was indeed an amazing experience, I advise all Palestinians and foreigners in general who want to own property in Turkey to choose Alhuda as their path. "