Avcılar in Istanbul ... a good option to own a property in Turkey:

Avcılar in Istanbul ... a good option to own a property in Turkey:

منطقة افجلار في اسطنبول خيار موفق لتملك عقار في تركيا

Avcilar is one of the most famous and most popular neighborhoods in the city of Istanbul.

As Avcilar enjoys a privileged location to the west of Kucukcekmece Lake, which is directly overlooking the Marmara Sea, the Avcilar neighborhood is surrounded by a number of the most important residential neighborhoods and vital centers in Istanbul, as it mediates the areas of Beylikduzu, Esenyurt, Bakirkoy and Kucukcekmece.

The history of the Avcılar neighborhood as a residential neighborhood dates back to the beginning of the conquest of Constantinople by the Ottomans in the fifteenth century AD, when new arrivals took it as a center for housing, stability, work, and built homes, markets, and mosques, and worked in hunting and farming.

Information About The Avcilar Area In Istanbul

The most important landmarks in Avcilar

The municipality of Avcilar has ten important and very famous neighborhoods today, such as: Cihangir, Avcilar Center, Yesilkent and others

As for the most important facilities and landmarks in Avcilar district:

The neighborhood is located directly on two main roads, E-80 and E-5

There is a long Coast in Avcilar, on the Sea of Marmara, with a length of 7 km, in which green spaces, grasslands and family sessions are distributed, in addition to children's games and sports equipment.

There is also in the Avcilar region a large commercial market consisting of commercial stores that includes most international brands under the name Marmara Market, and there is a market for Turkish furniture from the E-5 highway,

There is also one of the most beautiful and largest shopping centers in Istanbul, which is Pelican Mall.

Within the municipality of Avcilar there is also a campus affiliated with the University of Istanbul which contains colleges of engineering and architecture and a number of other colleges. 

The campus is located about 50 km from the center of Istanbul. The university was used by the army as a military airport before, before its ownership belonged to the administration of Istanbul University and the campus today is being rebuilt.

The most important destinations for real estate investment in Avcilar

Accommodation in Avcilar neighborhood has several advantages, as it possesses all of the good location, available transportation, different services, vital and recreational facilities in addition to the diversity of real estate options in it, which provides for those who want to buy apartments in Istanbul in Avcilar neighborhood, a wide field for selection and finally get what you want.

Where there are each of the regular buildings, independent houses, villas in addition to a number of high-end residential complexes.

Transportation in Avcilar

Also, some neighborhoods are adjacent to the E-5 road, and therefore there are several stations for the metrobus, which is the most important means of transportation in Istanbul, which takes you to the center of Istanbul and up to the Asian section of it, and Ispartakule (the modern part of Avcilar) overlooks the E-80 highway, which is the way to reach to the center of Istanbul from that side.

The metro line in Avcilar

The Turkish government is also working on the construction of a metro line that will reach the Ispartakule region within a year and it is adjacent to the E-80, and it will be ready by the E-5 within a year and a half, which will make it easier for residents in those areas to reach the rest of Istanbul at a high speed.

Construction Projects in Avcilar

We also do not forget the huge construction projects that the government is working on in areas close to the Avcilar neighborhood, the most important of which is the second Istanbul Canal 

The economic development in Avcilar

Also, the Avcılar region is economically active, as the construction and development industry are well developed and today there are about 250 active industrial facilities.

Prices of Real Estate in Avcilar

And the prices of properties in Avcilar ranges between average and high depending on the location and specifications of the property, which is an addition to the advantages of owning a property and investing in it.

Some of Al-Huda real estate investment projects in Avcilar

If you want to own real estate in Avcilar, just browse here, where you will find wonderful apartments for sale in Avcilar, luxury villas for sale in Istanbul, shops ready for rent in Avcilar and offices for sale in Istanbul.

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These and other reasons are among the most important factors in attracting foreign and even local investors, as they attract people who want to settle and own apartments in Istanbul.