5 Best Shopping Streets in Istanbul 2021

5 Best Shopping Streets in Istanbul 2021

Best Shopping Streets in Istanbul 2021

When the terms 'shopping' and 'Istanbul' coincide, people always think of the Bazaar and its labyrinthine streets, which sell all that can be imagined, from carpets to local spices.

Besides the best shopping malls in Istanbul and popular weekly markets, Istanbul has streets for shopping with a beautiful mix of traditional and luxurious products at its latest fashions.

Al-Huda real Estate had selected the best shopping streets in Istanbul, from antique stores to high-street fashion.

What are the best streets for shopping in Istanbul in 2021?

Istanbul is a major center for trade in Turkey, and it is constantly keeping up with the latest fashions and global brands 

Wandering around one or some of these streets will enable you to fulfil your shopping needs. So, let's go to a descriptive tour of the most important commercial districts in Istanbul:

1- Why is Osmanbey Street one of the best shopping streets ?

Othman Bey Street or as many prefer to call it, the Street of Elegant Ladies, because of the goods and clothes on it that highlight the beauty and elegance of women.

Othman Bey Street is located a few minutes away from the famous Taksim Square. It branches out into several streets offering many products such as clothes and shoes for all ages and groups "children and adults, men and women".

Thousands of customers flock daily to Othman Bey Street. Most of them are women. There are many things to buy, like clothes, cosmetics, accessories, evening dresses…

What about the prices on Othman Bey Street?

The products offered on this street are more expensive compared to other places. You will find high-quality products and many famous local and international brands. 

Despite the slightly high prices in the upscale Othman Bey Street, locals visit it Permanently. Also, there are thousands of tourists coming daily to Othman Bey to shop.

What distinguishes Othman Bey Street?

This Street includes about 55 companies that produce clothes. Osman Bey Center exports its goods to Russia, Central Asian countries, Arab countries and Balkan countries. 

Because of the high quality of its manufacturing, large size, skilled labor, and high value, it is also one of the most important textiles and readymade garments in the Turkish industry.

2- Do you have an idea about Istiklal Street ?

The ever-bustling (Istiklal Street or Istiklal Avenue – istiklal Caddesi in Turkish) that runs from Taksim Square almost to the landmark Galata Tower has a love/hate relationship with many people.

One of the city's major shopping streets, istiklal Caddesi, runs from Taksim Square to Tünel Square and is still crowded.

The length of the street is "1.4 km". You will find there all kinds of shops, restaurants, cafes, hotels and attractions. You’ll also find many museums and galleries too, as well as some churches. Istiklal Street is also home to several consulate buildings of various nations.

What to do in Istiklal Street ?

Istiklal also has some exciting side streets and short passages (arcades), so take a detour if you see anything that catches your attention.

Visit the Beyolu Balk Pazar (open-air market) for some important food shopping, and then take a few steps next door to the famed içek Pasaj, an arcade that launched in 1876.

If walking becomes too tiring, take the historic red tramway that runs up and down the route.

3- Laleli istanbul Street

In old Istanbul, Lalali Street is one of the cheapest shopping streets in Istanbul. It comes to those looking for beautiful and affordable goods.

One of the most distinctive characteristics of Laleli Street is its Location. It is located in a strategic location near both Taksim Street and Beyazit and Sultanahmet.

What to do in laleli istanbul?

Lalali Street is close to the tramway and metro at the same time. It is famous for its inclusion of the most famous wholesale shops in Istanbul. You can find all kinds of clothes, bags and textiles at reasonable prices. 

The Lalali Market is considered the best opportunity to obtain large quantities of clothes for trade, i.e. wholesale. If you are a trader, you only have to contract with one of the shipping companies that deliver your goods to your country's destination.

All you have to do here is to ensure the safety of the goods. It would help if you negotiated wholesale prices with the merchants at Lalali. After making a deal, you must pay the deposit only and the rest when the goods are shipped.

Equally important, you can visit the touristic places located near Laleli. The most famous one is Sultan Ahmet and also Eminonu istanbul.

Open İstiklal Caddesi, İstanbul, Turkey In Google Maps

4- Mahmut Pasha Bazaar- The Cheapest Shopping Market in Istanbul

Mahmoud Pasha Street is one of the commercial markets next to the Covered Market or the Egyptian Market. 

On both sides of a sloping road known as the Mahmutpasa Slope, the Mahmutpasa Bazaar has over 250 stores. It is known as the most crowded bazaar of Istanbul.

What to buy in Mahmutpasa Bazaar?

Of Istanbul's oldest shopping districts, Mahmutpasa is the first that comes to mind. Today, Mahmutpasha Bazaar, Istanbul is one of Istanbul's most popular stores and a well-known destination for Turkish products such as hats, men's suits, and unique ottoman children's and boys' clothes. The market opens in the early morning hours. Many people enjoy the sights from Mahmoud Pasha to the Egyptian bazaar lane.

The breath-taking district is one of the most visited places (especially by tourists) that involves shopkeepers dealing with textiles. It sells a wide variety of textile items such as bridal gowns, wedding suits, modern and ancient attires, dressy and clothing. Those productions are of very high quality, inexpensive, and you can find any kind of product that suits your budget.

5- Bagdat street istanbul

According to a French agency study, Bagdat Street is the world's fourth-best shopping street.

Bagdat Street is one of Istanbul's most opulent streets. A familiar spot for both locals and visitors to walk along, relax in its many luxurious cafes, restaurants, bars, and pubs, buy from many popular brands and specialty stores and have a great day out the activity on a beautiful Istanbul day.

It is located on Istanbul's Asian side. Bagdat Street is a 9-kilometer-long street that runs from the Bostanci area to the Goztepe neighborhood of the Kadikoy district. It got its name from the route Ottoman Sultan Murad IV took on his way to the Baghdad War. During the reign of Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamit II, it became one of Istanbul's most affluent avenues.