Buying property in Istanbul at Arnavutkoy

Buying property in Istanbul at Arnavutkoy.. Everything is in your reach

أرناؤوط كوي شراء عقار في اسطنبول

A foreign investor who is thinking about buying property in Istanbul  may be fascinated while touring around this small neighborhood overlooking the Black Sea finds another perspective of life, and a rich history dating back to centuries, which is Arnavutkoy a region of luxury apartments, profitable real estate investment and promising lands.

Arnavutkoy is located in Istanbul a city that is considered one of the most important and most attractive cities for real estate investors in Turkey and who want to buy a property in Turkey, wherever you go you find the multiplicity and diversity of options for apartments for sale in Istanbul, which made the attention of Turkish, Arab and foreign investors alike directed toward it to choose the best real estate.

Once you enter the Internet and search for apartments for sale in Istanbul Turkey or villas in Turkey or other search words you will find before you a huge number of options on top of which are apartments for sale in Bahcesehir or for sale apartments in the famous Basaksehir or villas for sale in Esenyurt or luxury apartments in Beylikduzu, or for sell apartments in Arnavutkoy, the latter, which is one of the most important investment areas that many of those thinking about buying property in Istanbul and Turkey, and those who are looking for how to obtain Turkish citizenship, or as it is known, obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership head to.


Why is buying a property in Arnavutkoy a strategic choice?

The prices of apartments in Istanbul increase twice annually, and one of the areas that is witnessing a continuous increase is the area of ​​Arnavutkoy, so why?

We tried to summarize the answer to the important question for many investors interested in buying property in Istanbul at several points, in which we detail the following:

  • ​​Arnavutkoy is a real incubator for the largest infrastructure facilities in Turkey, similar to both the new airport, the largest airports in the world and the third Istanbul Bridge, in addition to the largest project in Turkey and the world, Istanbul Water Canal, which is a real strategic gain for Turkish marine navigation that will alleviate the great pressure on the Bosphorus Strait.
  • The unique geographical location of ​​Arnavutkoy , as it is located in the northwestern part of Istanbul, the economic capital of Turkey.
  • ​​Arnavutkoy has a coastline of 22 km long, which includes many restaurants and cafes that witness a great demand, especially in the summer season, by the residents of the region, and foreign tourists.
  • ​​Arnavutkoy  is close to strategic locations like Taksim, which is only 35 km away, in addition to the historic Fatih area.
  • ​​Arnavutkoy is a major source of fresh water as it is characterized by a simple rural nature and is filled with green meadows.
  • The proximity of ​​Arnavutkoy to the area of ​​Basaksehir, where strong infrastructure, luxury investment projects and luxury apartments are available.
  • ​​The Arnavutkoy area contains many real estate projects, luxury residential complexes, and the finest apartments for sale in Istanbul, in addition to the lands suitable for construction.

The mega projects at the Arnavutkoy region

The Turkish government has devoted the area of ​​Arnavutkoy with many mega projects, even the largest of them in the history of modern Turkey, as follows:

  • New Istanbul Canal

The Istanbul Canal connecting the Black Sea to the north and the Sea of ​​Marmara to the south in a form similar to the Bosphorus is the future of maritime navigation in Istanbul.

Once the channel was launched Turkish construction companies were quick to announce several surrounding real estate projects, such as apartments for sale in Istanbul, Turkey, with views of its outskirts, especially in the Spartacule region, which increased the price per square meter in an accelerated manner, making it one of the most economically feasible areas in Istanbul, not to mention the metro line that will be opened soon.

  • Istanbul Third Bridge

 The third Istanbul Bridge, which connects the Asian and European sides of Istanbul, is the longest suspension bridge supported by railroad tracks in the world, crossing one million people daily, which contributed to a record reduction in traffic congestion and attracted the attention of investors who are thinking about buying property in Istanbul near major vital projects.

  • Istanbul third airport

It is the new airport that was opened last year with a capacity to accommodate 90 million passengers in the first stage, and this construction gain, has led directly to raising the value of real estate investment projects in the areas surrounding it or near it, and here we notice how the prices of apartments in Istanbul increase annually in these areas with the growing demand to buy apartments for sale in Istanbul near the new airport.


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