buying a property in Corona's time

Is buying a property in Corona's time a correct decision?

buying a property in Corona's time

Before the Corona epidemic, the question of the appropriate time to buy a property might lead you to several options that differ in different seasons of sale, the best of which is the spring season for those who want to seize the best investment opportunities, according to those who know the real estate market.

However, today, as the scales changed in light of the Corona pandemic, which isolated the countries from each other and imposed, in a precedent of its kind, a near-total curfew in the world, many investors whose plans were frozen, is the time to buy the property?  Do we have to take the big step in this time and if we take it, what is the way to do that and how do we guarantee a profitable real estate investment?


Before knowing the answer, read these procedures


Once the Corona epidemic began to worsen in the world, the major economic and financial companies rushed to temporarily lay off their employees and workers by referring them to compulsory home quarantine, a preventive measure to preserve their health, insofar as it reduced the aggravation of injuries due to gatherings and continuous communication in the workplace, which is considered a fertile environment for the transmission of infection of COVID-19 as far as it constituted a painful economic blow to these companies, whose profits declined twice, despite the fact that some of them activated the remote work system as an ad hoc alternative to overcome the consequences of the crisis.

Among other measures adopted by international banks, including the Turkish Central Bank, as a model are to reduce interest rates four times in less than three months, the last of which is to reduce the interest rate to fall to the threshold of 9,75% in mid-March in a move aimed at contributing to achieving the country's economic recovery and supporting stability  Financial and price stability in the local market.

Measures suggest a significant expected loss for these productive institutions due to their failure to yield for more than a month and a half, but there are economic sectors that have imposed themselves and have shown that they are able to overcome the difficult and big challenges of the real estate sector, which proves each time its resilience in the face of storm waves.

"The real estate market derives its strength from the great demand and the repeated need of customers to buy properties in addition to the ability of the property to retain its real value and even achieve double profits in a short time as data indicate that all previous global economic crises did not affect the prices of buying and selling of properties."

If I buy a property in Corona's time, what will I gain? 

Like what was mentioned in the above paragraph, the real estate market has proven its strength in the face of all the economic earthquakes that the world has witnessed, which indicates that your taking this step in the time of Corona, which will inevitably pass, has complete immunity from any expected loss, so buying real estate means first of saving  Money is safe even if you do not use this property as an investment in renting or reselling.

One of the positives confirmed by real estate experts for buying an apartment or villa in the time of Corona is to take advantage of the  online marketing  campaigns launched by many real estate companies in Turkey that enable you to own the property while you are in your home without effort and the hassle of movement and there is no need for tickets or personal accompaniment to the procedures,  Where real estate companies, including Al-Huda Real Estate company, have put their crews to follow up on all the steps to own a property in Turkey, from helping you in choosing the most suitable property for your taste and budget to the purpose of the full title deed that arrives to your country through the Turkish embassy or even to get the Turkish citizenship in the if the property was convenient to the specification for obtaining it.

The Covid-19 pandemic prompted the Turkish government to launch several exceptional measures that constitute golden opportunities that were previously impossible for the investor to take advantage of, such as obtaining the title deed “remotely” through the new system “Tapu Web”, which is one of the best options for full ownership currently without the need for personal movement or the appointment of a person on behalf of the acting and the accompanying procedures that go through the lawyer and notary.

Buying a property in Corona's time also gives you the opportunity to closely examine real estate projects, as you have ample time under the conditions of compulsory home quarantine, especially in front of the vast amount of pictorial projects that enable you to roam within your future home as if you were actually in it and thus you have won time and transformed your free time to investing into the profitable life that you will use later in achieving high profitable returns on a land that everyone dreams of investing in "Turkey or the paradise of the earth as it is called".

Finally, like what was recorded in the beginning of the article, selling property in Turkey in the spring is considered the most important opportunity for investors who want to double their wealth through property ownership, and this is another strong attraction for buying properties in the time of Corona, which coincides with the season of providing the largest real estate projects from  one of the construction companies that had been waiting for March, April and May to put them on the market for discount.

Corona will go sooner or later and after that you will ask yourself, when did I achieve during my quarantine?  .. What I achieved from profits and what I could provide from the benefits to the family with whom I spent a month or more under the same ceiling, day and night.

Review yourself and take the most important step with a simple tap on your mobile phone!