Is summer a suitable season for buying real estate in Turkey?

Is summer a suitable season for buying real estate in Turkey?

الصيف موسم مناسب لشراء عقارات في تركيا

The world faced, for the first time in its history, an unprecedented wave of anxiety, as the Corona epidemic caused great tension that moved all countries and peoples alike. Everyone was referred to a period of recovery and fasting from the street for two months, after which people were forced to return to normal life and coexistence voluntarily. With the virus take precautions.


Among the most important manifestations of the return of life to its predecessor is the resumption of several international flights. In this regard, Turkey was the first to open its airspace to lovers of travel and tourism and to visit the most beautiful tourist places in Istanbul and the rest of the country.


The measure also allowed foreign investors wishing to buy real estate for sale in Turkey and own apartments for sale in Istanbul. The first trips were recorded in this regard, the arrival of different nationalities, such as citizens of Arab countries, to choose the best real estate in Turkey, especially since the return of the trips coincided with the most relevant season to invest in real estate in Turkey. There is a demand for buying real estate in Turkey, the "summer season", as many use the annual holiday period to buy apartments for sale in Turkey.


How is the process of owning real estate in Turkey during the summer season?


If there is a demand to buy real estate in Turkey during the summer season, what are the reasons behind this?


Are there new procedures for buying real estate in Turkey due to the Corona pandemic?


Have foreigners bought real estate in Turkey during the summer season in recent years?


The data of the National Institute of Statistics in Turkey "Turksat" indicates that the past five years were among the most fruitful years in the history of real estate sales in Turkey given the package of legislative amendments approved by the Turkish government, the most prominent of which is the permission to obtain Turkish citizenship in exchange for buying a property worth 250 thousand US dollars instead of one million dollars.


In the past year 2019, for example, foreigners bought more than 45,000 properties, including nearly 15,000 properties in the summer season, equivalent to 32% of the total sales volume. By going back one year too, 11,000 properties were sold in Turkey in the summer season out of 40,000 Real estates purchased by foreigners in 2018.


Also, back in 2017, foreigners purchased more than 22,000 properties in Turkey, including 7,000 urban units that were sold in the summer season, accounting for 32% of the total sales value.


The figures, as mentioned above, indicate the importance of the summer season for foreigners, as nearly half of the purchase takes place between June and the end of September, so what are the reasons behind this?


The reasons for the intense interest in buying real estate in Turkey during the summer season


The reasons that drive foreign investors to the various offers of apartments for sale in Turkey vary, among which we mention:


The summer season coincided with the peak of tourist activity in Turkey


Where the summer season strongly attracts tourists from different countries to come to this charming country and enjoy its beautiful scenery, its charming beaches, its distinctive resorts and its great parks, and spend the best times within tourism trips that are the most beautiful in the world, and here tourists take the opportunity to get acquainted with the various real estate projects in Turkey and on the face of Especially Istanbul, i.e. closely examining the real estate market.


It should be noted in this regard that Al-Huda Real Estate Investment participates with tourists who want to allocate time from their vacation in Turkey to search for real estate projects that suit their tastes by accompanying them and saving time on them by organizing free real estate tours for the most important projects in Istanbul And all of Turkey.


The correlation between tourism and the real estate market


During the summer season, the need for tourists to residential apartments, tourist villas, and also hotel apartments abound. Here many wealthy foreign tourists prefer to buy real estate in Turkey to exploit them during the tourist seasons instead of booking hotel apartments, in addition to the ability to rent them during the rest of the year. Also, for people who come to turkey for medical tourism, as they prefer to stay comfortable during the treatment period and in their real estate property.


The annual vacation periods


Many investors, like what we mentioned above, prefer to spend their vacation in Turkey for the sake of recreation away from work pressure, especially since Turkey contains the best tourist places. At the same time, they take advantage of the opportunity to search for the right property. Even the Turks themselves prefer to change their homes in the summer, when families are on vacation and thus not exhaust their children from the trouble of movement and the associated fatigue during school days.


Delivery of most residential complexes and major real estate and commercial projects during the summer season


Major construction companies in Turkey often deliver their projects during the early summer, and here are discounts on the prices of Istanbul apartments for sale, and the prices of apartments in Turkey in general, and taking advantage of such times gives the investor a golden opportunity to own the best, in addition to that it is often during June opening Major facilities such as airports, hospitals, bridges, transportation lines, and the construction of many highways.


Points to focus on before buying a property in Turkey during the summer season


As we mentioned above, buying a property in Turkey in the summer and moving to it is the best option, in order to avoid many of the problems that children may face by interrupting their studies, or directing them to private schools and thus increasing the expenses.


In this paragraph, we focused on the main points that you should focus on before purchasing apartments for sale in Turkey:


Schools and universities: Try to have your property always close to various schools, especially foreign "American and Arab" schools, as many investors are looking for good schools to teach their children in the mother tongue of their countries of origin.


Greater opportunities for commercial investment in the summer: Always buy real estate in Turkey in areas that have multiple opportunities to make profitable commercial investments during the summer season, such as establishing companies or opening restaurants, kindergartens or schools, or real estate suitable for student and youth housing.

Transportation: Always try to have your property near the various means of transportation, "tramway, metro, Metrobus, dolmus, buses, taxis and others ...".


Large establishments: The closer the property you bought is to the major facilities such as airports, hospitals and bridges, the more its price will increase in the future in the event of thinking about renting or reselling it with high profit returns.


Has the Corona pandemic affected real estate sales in Turkey?

The answer to this question is detailed as much as Corona in Turkey, as the latter managed to reduce the spread of the epidemic in less than two months, and like all sectors in the world, real estate sales in Turkey for foreigners during the travel suspension period decreased slightly compared to sales of past years, but it was not affected. Completely due to the facilities provided by various Turkish government departments to foreigners wishing to buy a property in Turkey online.


With the gradual return of flights, it is expected that Turkey's real estate will know record sales to foreigners of up to 5 thousand properties to compensate for the shortage that was a result of the flight freeze, with the possibility of a higher number if the Turkish government approved more incentives alongside the construction companies in charge of completing the projects.


And Turkey decided to resume civil trips naturally during August to enable all tourism enthusiasts in Turkey and also those wishing to complete their real estate investment projects to come easily.


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