Buying villas in Turkey

10 Steps to buy and invest in luxury villas in Turkey

فلل للبيع في تركيا عن طريق شركة الهدى للاستثمار العقاري

Turkey combines many features at one time, as it overlooks 4 seas “Mediterranean, Black, Marmara, and Aegean”, has a picturesque nature with towering mountains spread over 81 states, and located on two important straits “The Bosphorus and the Dardanelles”, all of these features gave its buildings charming views and varied real estate and housing options in it between apartments, apartment complexes and luxury villas.


The last option, "villas", is the most suitable option for those looking for independence, comfort, tranquility, attractive views, and ideal living.


In this regard, real estate companies in Turkey, similar to Alhuda Real Estate, register thousands of requests to foreign investors looking for the best luxury villas in Turkey daily.

So to help our dear clients in the process of buying villas in Istanbul or any other Turkish city that meets their goals and ambitions, We’ll highlight all the needed steps to own villas in Turkey in detail in this article.

Buying villas in Turkey… step by step


Every foreigner looking to buy villas in Turkey, and doesn't know the right steps, must focus on the following points before purchasing:


Accuracy in determining the purpose of buying a villa in Turkey: This means that the investor is clear in underlining his goals of buying the villa in Turkey, to avoid facing any problems later.


Determining the goals of buying villas in Turkey is based on groups of options, in which we separate them as follows:

  • Buying villas in Turkey for luxury: i.e. choosing spacious villas with a large number of rooms, upscale services, pool, garden, car park, impressive views, and children's playgrounds, all providing comfort, calm and independence to the buyer.
  • Buying villas in Turkey for tourist investment: buying villas in Turkey is a perfect idea, especially in the time of Corona, where foreign families are looking for more independence during their vacation in Turkey, which is what makes profits particularly great at the height of the tourist season for the villa owner.
  • Buying villas in Turkey to start a business: The design of the villas in Turkey is done according to the type of the project, such as the opening of a restaurant, cafe, clinic, kindergarten or educational center, especially if the villa is located in a promising tourist or real estate area.
  • Buying villas in Turkey to obtain Turkish citizenship: The prices of villas in Turkey are very suitable for "obtaining the Turkish passport" especially after the decision to obtain Turkish citizenship by owning property worth 250 thousand US dollars provided that the villa is not sold until 3 years from the purchase date, and here The foreign investor must choose a promising location for his villa to guarantee a rise in its price in to benefit of renting the villa or even reselling it in the future at a higher price to double the profits.

The necessity of monitoring the real estate market in Turkey: Anyone who wants to buy villas in Turkey must be constantly aware of any update in the real estate market, whether in terms of legislation or prices and here the customer can use a reliable real estate company to do this step for him.

Knowing the average purchase price of villas in Turkey: Any foreign investor should be aware of the average price of villas in Turkey while comparing prices by type of villa and its location.

An in-depth study of the areas when buying villas in Turkey: The investor must study well the region in which he will buy the villa, how vital it is if it is in the city center, and the future price growth in it if it is in promising real estate areas.

Taking a real estate tour with a trusted company: Choosing a reliable real estate company while purchasing villas in Turkey is essential to ensure an easy and guaranteed ownership process and taking a tour to inspect the most important villas that suit the investor’s taste is necessary, given that comparison of options leads to the most appropriate option, and decision-making is based on real touring in the villa and can’t be done by going through advertisements only.