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Camlica Mosque .. a record year after its opening

Camlica Mosque

About a year after the historical event of its opening that has dazzled the world and its visitors, the "Camlica" Mosque was able to receive more than 7 million people between Turkish and foreign tourists and worshipers who came to perform the prayer or with the aim of enjoying the sight of its authentic Ottoman design and its magnificent panoramic view.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, on May 3, 2019, accompanied by representatives from many Islamic countries, opened the mosque in front of worshipers and visitors.

Speaking to Turkish media, Ergin Kulunk, president of the Association for the Establishment and Revival of Mosques and Cultural Buildings in Istanbul, stated that about 70,000 people performed the Fajr prayer at the Camlica mosque during Ramadan last year and 50 thousand others performed Friday prayers, while the number of visitors in total was more than 7 million people of different nationalities around the world.


Camlica Mosque .. a stunning piece of Ottoman architecture

At the highest summit in Istanbul, the year 2013 began the construction of the Camlica mosque, specifically in the Uskudar region known for its luxurious real estate, luxurious construction and offers for buying property in Istanbul, which made it among the first areas to witness the purchase of a property in Istanbul by foreigners recently.

 The mosque was built in the Ottoman architectural style, combined with a wonderful mixture of contemporary character, which gave it a distinctive design that dazzled all its visitors.

The area of the Great Mosque at the summit of Uskudar is 15,000 square meters, which can accommodate about 63,000 worshipers at the same time, in addition to a conference room that can accommodate 1,000 people and museums containing Turkish Islamic monuments with an area of 11,000 square meters, a library, an art gallery, and a car park dedicated to the mosque’s visitors, including worshipers, visitors and organized groups for tourists and it can accommodate 3, 500 cars.

The Camlica Mosque consists of 6 minarets topped, four of which are 107.1 meters long, and the other two are estimated to be 90 meters long.

The dome of the mosque is 72 meters high and 34 meters in diameter, overlooking the gardens surrounding it with an area of 30 acres open to visitors for walks and enjoying the most beautiful views of Istanbul in a view that combines the European and Asian parts of the city and part of the enchanting Marmara Sea.


Features found in Camlica mosque in Istanbul that aren't available in other Mosques

The Camlica mosque is unique from other rest of Istanbul mosques with distinctive characteristics, especially since it is a recent establishment, which made Turkish engineers combine many modern features while preserving the nobility and originality of the historical Ottoman architecture.

Among the characteristics of the Camlica mosque at the highest peak in the region of Uskudar:

  • The word "majesty" of the mosque's dome, which is 72 meters high, is written in coated steel using "nanotechnology" technology.
  • The word Majesty in the dome is surrounded by the beautiful names of Allah and Surah Al-Fateh and is equipped with a special lighting system.
  • The dome of the mosque was constructed by the Gursoy group, which carried out the restoration of the arcades of the noble Kaaba.
  • Five meters the length of the letter a thousand in the word Majesty, which was written by the famous calligrapher Hassan Shalabi.
  • The mosque's domes decorations were handcrafted, which made them original and elaborately crafted.
  • The cost of building the mosque amounted in Turkish lira over 350 million.
  • Inside the mosque there is a room for personal care, another for children, and a third for children's games.
  • The process of going out of Ablution place to the mosque is carried out by an electric elevator.
  • Two floors of the mosque for women with a capacity of 5 thousand women.
  • The sound of the mosque’s call for Prayer can be heard even from the “Topkapi” area of Istanbul, thanks to the employment of the best sound experts to arrange its system.
  • The main dome arch is gold-plated and weighs 4.5 tons and is 7.62 meters long and 3.12 meters wide.
  • The weight of the main gate is 6 tons.
  • The length of the carpet of the mosque is 17 thousand square meters.