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Work Permit in Turkey and Its Benefits

إذن العمل في تركيا و كيفية الحصول عليه

Turkey has become a dream for citizens of many nationalities around the world, whether for the sake of tourism, housing or work, the latter, which has become required by a large number of foreigners, so what are the conditions imposed by

How to apply for a work permit in turkey? And how is the process done in the shortest possible time and without trouble?

Turkish law imposes on labor applicants specific conditions on every foreigner that they must adhere to them, as follows:

Establishing a private company in Turkey

According to Turkish law, foreigners have the right to establish a commercial company with pure foreign capital, that is, without the need to partner with Turkish citizens, and in this way the foreign citizen is entitled to a work permit in turkey provided that the capital that he invested in the company is not less than 350 thousand TL, except for Syrians with a Temporary protection cards  whose capital is set at 100 thousand liras.

As for the person wishing to apply for a work permit in turkey, his share must not be less than 70 thousand Turkish liras in the first year, while he will be required, in case he wants to renew the residence permit for the second year in a row, to employ 5 people after 6 months of obtaining a work residence in accordance with the law In effect, except for Syrians holding temporary protection cards.

Types of work permit in Turkey

According to the text of the law authorizing foreigners to do independent work in Turkey, work licenses are defined in time periods, as follows:

Limited-time work permit in turkey: It is the first type of license to be granted for a specific period of time estimated at one year at most and after the expiration of the period the license can be extended to two years and after the completion of the three years the foreign worker has the right to work in the location that was determined by him or change the Turkish employer In this case, he will benefit from an additional extension of the work permit for another two years.

An open-time work permit in turkey: This license is granted after the foreign worker proves that he has resided in Turkey for 8 continuous and legal years, from which "study residence" is excluded, or if he proves that the total number of years of his work residency in Turkey is estimated at 6 years, and it should be noted that the study residence is not counted for him, but it is calculated for his companions such as wife and children.

Exceptional cases to grant work permit in Turkey

There are some exceptional cases for the two above-mentioned sections through which work permits can be granted. We summarize them as follows:

  • In the event of marriage to a Turkish citizen for a period of more than three years, with proof that the marriage was real, its purpose was to establish a family and not a formal one, even if a divorce occurred.
  • Children from a mixed marriage, Turkish or foreign, can apply for work permits, provided that their residence in the country is legal.
  • The notarized loss of the Turkish nationality, those have the right to obtain a work permit by submitting an application to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.
  • Foreigners born in Turkey after proving this by documents.
  • Foreigners coming to Turkey before the age of majority after providing proof of documents.
  • A foreigner classified as a refugee by the competent authorities is entitled to obtain a work permit and to file his application with the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.
  • Foreigners who are in Turkey for the purpose of a cultural or scientific event that exceeds a month or a sporting event that exceeds 4 months.
  • Children and wives of representatives of diplomatic foundations in Turkey, in addition to workers in consulates and embassies, while observing the reciprocity law.
  • The foreigner who needs to work in Turkey to obtain the certificate, whether through a tender or a foreign work contract, provided that the work permit is only during the period mentioned in the tender. 


Note: For foreigners who have purchased  a property in Turkey as part of real estate offers in Turkey and have acquired Turkish passport, they have all rights to employment like other Turkish citizens.