For these reasons, foreigners flock to obtain Turkish citizenship?

For these reasons, foreigners flock to obtain Turkish citizenship?

لهذه الأسباب يتهافت الأجانب للحصول على الجنسية التركية ؟

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Ahmed from Libya, who recently acquired Turkish citizenship after buying an apartment in a modern residential complex in Taksim, the most famous square in Istanbul, has a beating heart: “My happiness is indescribable, I have always thought about security and stability and found them in Turkey, I was looking for a successful investment for my money and here I am benefiting From the proceeds from the property I bought. "

Ahmed represented about 7 thousand foreign citizens who obtained Turkish citizenship since 2017 in exchange for purchasing a property in Istanbul, Antalya or Trabzon, according to the latest statistics published by the Directorate of Land Registry and Survey of the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Cities.

The Arabs occupied the first ranks for those seeking Turkish citizenship, especially those whose countries are witnessing ongoing security disputes. Also, thousands of investors from the Gulf region headed by Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq and Bahrain in addition to Palestine and Jordan bought a property in Turkey worth 250 thousand dollars to initiate procedures to obtain Turkish citizenship.

The Maghreb countries, such as Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia, are witnessing remarkable growth in the number of those wishing to naturalize Turkish citizenship.

Figures did not come arbitrarily, as all data indicate exceptional, near and far-reaching features provided by Turkish citizenship if obtained by foreigners.

Among these advantages are:

The social aspect:

Obtaining Turkish citizenship automatically provides obtaining the Turkish passport, which ranks among the strongest and best passports in the world, as it ranks 39 in the ranking of countries with the best passports, because of the positives it provides to the holder, the most important of which is the ability to enter 72 countries in the world without a visa, most notably Russia, Ukraine Malaysia, Thailand, Brazil, Venezuela, Japan, South Korea, Qatar and Morocco.

Also, the holder of the Turkish passport can obtain an entry visa to 42 countries upon arrival at the airport or at one of the border points such as Kuwait, Bahrain and the UAE.

In addition to this, there are 7 countries whose visa can be requested electronically, that is, through the Internet without the hassle of moving and submitting the file through the embassy of the country you want to travel to, such as Australia and the Sultanate of Oman.

The benefits of obtaining Turkish citizenship do not stop here and only, but rather extend to the enjoyment of the rights of citizenship, candidacy and voting in the various elections, which means the ability to influence the decisions of the country in which the foreigner deposited money and dreamed of ensuring a better economic and social future in it.

Here, the foreigner does not waste any more time in renewing the residence, especially with the recent tightening of its procedures and the shortening of its duration for many reasons, the majority of which relate to reorganizing the reality of immigration in accordance with the legal frameworks aimed at the safety and security of the foreigner himself inside Turkey and avoiding any damages.

On the social side, the positive aspects of Turkish citizenship always extend to the bearer to his ability to grant it after three years of obtaining it to his wife and children under the age of eighteen, while children who are over the age of 18 are subject to the same conditions as those who wish to obtain Turkish citizenship, among which, as mentioned earlier, buying a property In Turkey, whatever its type, provided that the amount is 250 thousand dollars or more.

In addition, those who obtain Turkish citizenship can invite their relatives to visit Turkey, and even guarantee that they will obtain a visa in order to travel to this country that brings together the magic of East and West and millions of people flock annually to them to spend their holidays, annual vacations, and even special occasions such as New Year holidays.

It should be noted that the person who acquired Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Turkey, for example, can inevitably retain his original nationality without being forced to give it up. The Turkish state also gives the naturalized foreign a turquoise card that allows him to enter and leave Turkey freely and easily in the event of obtaining the nationality of a country Another foreigner forces him to give up Turkish citizenship.

And gives Turkish citizenship to its holder the possibility of free treatment at the expense of the state in all government hospitals, in addition to treatment at low prices in hospitals and private clinics, not to mention the deductions that benefit the foreigner who obtained Turkish citizenship in relation to some types of drugs recommended in various prescriptions.

With regard to the military service, which Al-Huda company’s consultants receive many questions about, it is worth noting that the Turkish law is clear in this regard for foreigners who obtain Turkish citizenship and stipulates that:

Persons who have obtained Turkish citizenship at the age of 22 and above are automatically exempted from military service, in addition to those who have previously performed their military service in their country of origin or have obtained a certificate proving their exemption from them.

Among the most important advantages granted by the law for foreigners who obtain Turkish citizenship is the possibility to postpone the performance of military service for a period of two years from the date of obtaining citizenship, which allows the newly naturalized to settle and organize his affairs and establish his goals in a comfortable way, and immediately after the expiry of the deadlines, and he is treated as Turks so he is called directly in that year like any other.

Warning: "Below our article are links to the most suitable projects to obtain Turkish citizenship within 3 months."


Economic fissure

Countless economic benefits of naturalization granted by Turkey, this country negotiating with a steady pace to join the European Union is one of the largest unifying and influential markets in the modern economic world, and Turkey has all the ingredients for joining it from its geographical location to its strong and competitive economy based on strong relations With the largest European countries, most notably his signature of the Customs Union Agreement.

These indicators give the Turkish economy all the incentives that would enhance European competitiveness in the world, but rather make Turkish accession to the European Union a strategic choice indispensable for a better and more solid European future.

Among the most important economic advantages of Turkish citizenship is the provision of employment opportunities in government sectors and their ease, as well as the ability to invest in all fields and in all economic sectors with complete freedom to consider the country as a pioneer in the tourism, services, manufacturing and trade sector, i.e. the foreigner is a Turkish national in front of wide options to double Its capital, with a guarantee of successful investment in a country experiencing dynamism and activity in all seasons of the year.

The owner of the Turkish passport, who established a company in Turkey, also benefits from the freedom to employ those he wants in his institution, unlike the foreigner who is obligated to employ a certain number of Turks, according to what is stipulated in the country's legislation.

And the holder of Turkish citizenship as a Turkish citizen also finds all the facilitation in the ownership of all types of properties without any complications in the procedures or strictness such as that to which the non-Turkish is subject.

Turkish citizenship also allows a foreigner to practice several professions that were previously prohibited to him, such as medicine, pharmacy, law, customs and maritime jobs, etc. ... For the practice of the medical profession, for example, which is one of the most popular specializations to be studied in Turkish universities, governmental or private by foreigners in recent years The holder of Turkish citizenship can practice it after graduation with ease in various Turkish hospitals and clinics, but he has the ability to open his own investment and practice the profession in his clinic.

And to become a Turkish citizen also means that you will benefit from the retirement system when you reach the age of 60 and above or after completing 25 years of work

In addition, enjoy public transport services during your transportation (land, sea and railways) by the age of 65 and over.

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