For these reasons, foreigners flock to obtain Turkish citizenship?

What are the benefits of having a Turkish citizenship and how can I get it?

لهذه الأسباب يتهافت الأجانب للحصول على الجنسية التركية ؟

Obtaining Turkish citizenship is one of the investor sets' goals when thinking about buying a property in Turkey. Turkish citizenship has many advantages compared to other nationalities. In this context, the Turkish state has provided many facilities and solutions to obtain Turkish citizenship.

Turkish citizenship offers many advantages, as we mentioned before. Among these advantages, we find social and economic ones. In today's article, we will detail these advantages and answer questions related to obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship

Approximately 7,000 foreign citizens obtained Turkish citizenship in 2017 through buying property in Istanbul, Antalya, or Trabzon. According to the latest statistics published by the Land Registry and Land Survey Directorate of the Ministry of Environment and Turkish Cities, this result is.

Arabs occupied the first ranks for Turkish citizenship seekers, especially those whose countries witnessed continuous security conflicts. Thousands of investors from the Gulf region, led by Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Bahrain, and Palestine, and Jordan, have purchased a property in Turkey worth 250 thousand dollars to initiate the procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship. 

The Maghreb countries such as Algeria, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia witnessed a remarkable increase in those wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship.

The numbers did not come randomly because all the data indicate exceptional advantages, near and long-term, provided by Turkish citizenship if foreigners obtain it.

Among those advantages we enumerate:

Social benefits after obtaining Turkish citizenship

Obtaining Turkish citizenship provides one of the best passports in the world. First, we talk about the Turkish passport, which is ranked among the strongest and best passports in the world.

The Turkish passport occupies 39th place in countries with the best passports, as it offers its holder many advantages.

The Turkish passport enables its holder to enter 72 countries without a visa, most notably Russia, Ukraine, Malaysia, Thailand, Brazil, Venezuela, Japan, South Korea, Qatar, and Morocco.

The Turkish passport holder can also obtain an entry visa to 42 countries upon arrival at the airport or one of the border points such as Kuwait, Bahrain, and the UAE.

Right to take part in public affairs and voting rights

The benefits of obtaining Turkish citizenship do not stop here and only, but extend to enjoying the rights of citizenship, candidacy, and vote in various elections. It means the ability to influence the decisions of the country in which the foreigner deposited money and dreams of ensuring a better economic and social future in it.

Granting Turkish citizenship to the wife and children

On the social side, the advantages of Turkish citizenship always expand for the holder to be able to grant it after three years of obtaining it to his wife and children under the age of eighteen. While children over the age of 18 are subject to the same conditions for those wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship, among which, as mentioned above, is the purchase of property In Turkey, whatever its type, provided that the amount is 250 thousand dollars or more.

Facilitating the visa process for relatives

In addition, those who obtain Turkish citizenship can invite their relatives to visit Turkey. So, they guarantee them to obtain a visa in order to travel to this beautiful country.

Do not give up your original nationality

For example, obtaining Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property in Turkey can inevitably retain his original citizenship without forcing him to give it up. The Turkish state also grants the naturalized foreigner a turquoise card that allows him to enter and exit Turkey freely and easily if he obtains the citizenship of a state. Another country is forcing him to give up his Turkish citizenship.

Free Treatment

Turkish citizenship gives its holder the possibility of free treatment at the state's expense in all government hospitals. In addition, the state offers the medication at low prices in hospitals and private clinics. 

Military service

There are many questions about the military service in Turkey received by the consultants of Al-Huda real estate. The Turkish law is clear in this aspect for foreigners who have obtained Turkish citizenship and stipulates that:

People who obtained Turkish citizenship at the age of 22 and above are automatically exempt from performing military service. Also, people who have previously performed their military service in their country of origin or obtained a certificate prove their exemption from it.

Among the most important advantages that the law gives to a foreigner who obtained Turkish citizenship is postponing military service for two years. It allows the newly naturalized the possibility of stability and organizing their affairs. 

Economic benefits after obtaining Turkish citizenship

The economic benefits of naturalization that Turkey offers are innumerable. This steadily negotiating country to join the European Union is one of the largest and most influential single markets in the modern economic world. 

Turkey has all the ingredients to join it, from its geographical location to its strong and competitive economy based on strong relations with the largest European countries, most notably the signing of the Customs Union Agreement.

These indicators give the Turkish economy all the motives that would enhance European competitiveness in the world. Rather, it makes Turkish accession to the European Union an indispensable strategic option for a better and more solid European future.

Providing job opportunities in government sectors

Among the most important economic advantages of Turkish citizenship is the availability and ease of job opportunities in government sectors. Also, you have the ability for private investment in all fields and all economic sectors like tourism, services, manufacturing, and trade sectors. That is, the Turkish foreigner has wide options to double his capital while ensuring successful investment in a country that witnesses movement and activity in all seasons of the year.

Facilitations in the recruitment process for business owners

The Turkish passport owner who established a company in Turkey also benefits from the freedom to employ whomever he wants in his organization. On the other hand, the foreigner, who is obligated to employ a certain number of Turks according to the provisions of the country's legislation.

Ease of owning all types of real estate

You have the opportunity to own all kinds of real estate without any complications in procedures.

Practicing Professions Prohibited to Foreigners

Turkish citizenship also allows the foreigner to practice several previously prohibited professions, such as medicine, pharmacy, law, customs and maritime jobs, and others.

For example, Turkish citizenship holders can easily practice medicine after graduation in various Turkish hospitals and clinics. They also have the opportunity to open their clinic. 

Take advantage of the retirement system

And becoming a Turkish citizen also means that you will benefit from the retirement system when you reach 60 and above or after completing 25 years of work.

Public transport services

Citizens aged 65 and over have the opportunity to use all kinds of transportation in Turkey without paying.

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Ways to obtain Turkish citizenship

Perhaps one of the most prominent ways to obtain Turkish citizenship is to buy a property with a value of at least $ 250,000. Still, other ways enable you to obtain a Turkish passport and enjoy all its advantages. Among the most important ways that you can obtain Turkish citizenship are:

Investing with a fixed capital of at least $500,000 for no less than 3 years.

Deposit an amount of $500,000 in a Turkish bank for no less than 3 years.

Buying government bonds worth $500,000 on condition that they are not sold for a period of any less than three years.

Hiring 50 Turkish employees and paying their social guarantees.

Turkish citizenship by residence for work for 5 years.

Becoming a Turkish citizen through marriage.

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Through these legal procedures, the Turkish government has set a prerequisite that citizen applicants should not be associated with any organization that Turkey classifies as terrorist because these organizations undermine the country's security, sovereignty, independence, and unity.