How to increase real estate investment profits in Turkey 2021

How to increase real estate investment profits in Turkey 2021?

كيف تزيد أرباح الاستثمار العقاري في تركيا 2021 ؟

The most important thing for the next foreign investor in order to invest in the Turkish real estate market is the material return and profits, for sure, the goal of any business or investment is mainly material returns.

Just as it is important to know how and where to invest in real estate in Turkey, it is also important to know to what extent you can build your expectations regarding the profits of your project and investment and on what basis you can rely

To start with, it is important to mention an important fact about this which is that the value of properties in Turkey increases annually, so real estate investment returns and profits are very good for investors. According to surveys, real estate investment in Turkey is one of the most profitable investment tools by 150%.

For a start, this seems like a good incentive to think about investing in the Turkish real estate market, but the detail and depth in this field does not hurt to give you a better idea of the real estate investment profits in Turkey.

Figures and facts about real estate investment profits in Turkey 

It is worth noting that the prices and value of properties in Turkey in general have increased in recent years due to the emergence of construction companies in large numbers that have built huge numbers of huge real estate projects.

Many Turkish cities have expanded and new neighborhoods have emerged in themselves and have been reconstructed and developed to become today from the most important points of attraction for foreign investment and people who want to buy properties and apartments in Turkey.

Speaking of numbers regarding real estate investment profits in Turkey, they range roughly between 4 to 20% of the property’s value annually, depending on the region, the nature of the investment, and the type of property. 

These returns are calculated on a monthly basis and are in the following proportions depending on the property’s location:

Around 6% in Turkey in general, and it rises to 8% in important cities.

As for the returns on real estate investment in Istanbul, the percentage reaches a limit of 12% of the price of the property. 


To make a successful and stable real estate investment in Turkey, do not neglect the following:

The location of the real estate project, where the location of the project in which you will invest is of great importance in terms of the financial return of your investment. The profits of real estate investment in Turkey in the new developing neighborhoods provides a more profitable return for the investor, as the increase in infrastructure, transportation and social opportunities allows an increase in value.

Try to get the property in Turkey at competitive prices, that is, to get the best deal in terms of real estate purchase prices compared to similar properties, and this will not be possible without the help of reliable real estate companies that have strong relationships with major construction companies, such as Al-Hoda, which negotiates with distinction in favor of good prices. To their clients.

You should also make sure to rent or operate your property with high returns.

As for the best types for a higher value for real estate investment profits in Turkey, they are:

Commercial real estate investment

The diversity of fields in the trade sector in Turkey and the ease of establishing a business in it attracts large numbers of businessmen and commercial projects to the country, and opening a company in Turkey is not costly in the literal sense, neither in terms of material value nor even the procedures, laws, and the time required to complete the steps for establishing a company in Turkey. Be aware that the property that will be the headquarters of any company must be fixed for the benefit of the

business, so investing in commercial real estate does not mean a high profit return only, but rather a constant.

Investing in tourist apartments

The investor in this type of investment needs to choose the appropriate location for the apartment so that it is close to the tourist places in the city and in this type, buying apartments in Istanbul and making them tourist apartments is the best option for this investment and with the highest and most reliable profit return.

Investing in real estate under construction

This type of real estate investment in Turkey is one of the good ways to bring an annual investment return of up to 20% of the property price, because the prices of apartments in Turkey if they are under construction are about 30% lower than the price of the apartment if it is ready, in addition to the possibility of buying in installments Which means saving a large portion of the capital.

Investing in old real estate in Turkey

This means a low purchase price for the property, i.e. less capital, and then after that it can be repaired and improved in a way that competes with modern real estate, allowing more profits when renting it or even selling it and achieving higher investment returns.

How do you guarantee luxury and profit in real estate investment in Turkey?

If you are interested in luxury real estate investment in Turkey with guaranteed high returns, be sure to:

I always seek to buy your luxurious apartment in a quiet area, with a distinctive sea or natural view, or others, and near vital facilities, shopping centers, and distinctive services, modern and integrated.

Buy your apartment within residential complexes that respect international standards in construction and high-end services in order to ensure in the future your profitable benefit during resale or lease.

Investing in smart apartments that have artificial intelligence systems in all its facilities is a distinctive option that will make you live the luxury of ownership and profitability of investment.

Choose the most luxurious and quality type such as duplexes, triplexes and penthouses.

See your apartment on the ground and ask about all its details before purchasing.

Why is real estate investment in Turkey the best option?

Those wishing to invest in real estate in Turkey find many options for sale apartments in Turkey according to the different regions, the budget allocated, the view and the type of the apartment itself if it is a duplex, triplex, penthouse, hotel apartments, sea view or cheap apartments with a limited budget, as they meet the tastes of all types Investors regardless of their financial capabilities.

Buying apartments for sale in Turkey for the purpose of investment is one of the important and right decisions for any investor who wishes to own real estate in Turkey for several factors, including:

The strategic location of Turkey, as it is a link between Europe and the Middle East.

The multiplicity of real estate deals in Turkey in different regions and their beauty "Sea, natural views ..."

Turkey contains the best construction companies in the world that have built the largest projects internally and externally.

The large facilities, incentives, and multiple tax exemptions provided by the Turkish state to foreigners wishing to buy a property in Istanbul, Turkey or any other country.

Continuous government encouragement to create more new real estate projects to suit the growing demand.

The growth in tourism activity in Turkey throughout the year and the future of tourism in Turkey after Corona, which results in a guaranteed profit for investors wishing to rent apartments to tourists who flock strongly.

Finally, do not neglect an important factor in reaping huge profits from real estate investment in Turkey in a good and satisfactory way, which is to be keen on good and smart marketing for your property and your investment, which is provided by Al-Hoda Company for Investment and Real Estate Development in Turkey as it is keen to provide the best after-sales and marketing services Real Estate for its clients, in order to ensure them a successful real estate investment.

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