The Iranians are ahead of everyone in Turkey in investment

The Iranians are ahead of everyone in Turkey

The Iranians are ahead of everyone in Turkey

Out of 51 million tourists, Turkey recorded more than two million Iranian tourists during 2019, after their numbers did not exceed thousands 4 years ago, ranking fifth in terms of numbers of foreign tourists in Turkey.

During the past four years, the interests of Iranian visitors shifted from merely tourism to buying property in Turkey and buying apartments in Turkey of various kinds in order to obtain the Turkish passport, in addition to the interest of the Iranians in buying companies and making many economic investments, registering remarkable development and important and significant numbers .

The latest statistics indicate that the volume of purchase process of property in Turkey by the Iranians has doubled over the last three years, making them in the lead position at the list of most nationalities that buy property in Turkey.

How did the Iranians top the list of sales processes of property in Turkey?

The purchase of property in Turkey by the Iranians in only two years has witnessed a high record of nearly 90%, as the number of real estate that the Iranians bought in Turkey in 2018 reached 3 thousand and 652 properties throughout the country, so the number doubled one year later to 5 thousand 623 properties In a remarkable development to the extent of demand for all types of property in Turkey.

By comparing the aforementioned figures with the year 2017, we find that the Iranians increased the numbers of buying property in Turkey for the purpose of housing, investment or obtaining Turkish citizenship, which is nearly 700%.

This number has authorized Iranians to achieve a surprise in the early 2020s, when they managed to displace Iraqis who have led the list of real estate sales in Turkey since 2015, as the number of housing units that the Iranians bought in Turkey during the first quarter of this year 2020 increased by 97% compared to the same period in 2019, when it reached The number to 1864 housing units after they had purchased only 946 units during the first quarter of 2019.

The number was eligible for increase due to the number of requests submitted by Iranian investors if it wasn’t stopped by the emerge of the Corona pandemic in the beginning of March 2020, which did temporarily held real estate sales to foreigners in Turkey due to the freezing of international flights, but once the return of the flights again, the Iranians will in turn be on a date with the a strong return to the real estate market in Turkey.

The Iranians, who topped the list of most foreigners buying property in Turkey in early 2020, were followed by Iraqis, Russians, Afghans, Palestinians, Yemenis, Azerbaijanis, Libyans, and Chinese.

Why do Iranians prefer to buy property in Turkey?

Some people ask why the Iranians chose Turkey and not other countries to own properties, and what were the motives that contributed to the record rise during the past three years in particular?

The answer to these questions is divided into points, the most important of which are:

  • The deteriorating economic situation and high unemployment rates in Iran have prompted investors to search for a safe haven for money and business, which is completely available in the neighboring country Turkey.
  • The high price witnessed in Iran and the rise in all prices.
  • The suspension of the business of more than 75 thousand companies in Iran, which led to the transformation of a large part of them for activity in Turkey and therefore the need of their owners to buy property in Turkey.
  • The American withdrawal from the nuclear agreement and the accompanying tension in the situation in Iran have caused many investors to worry about their future and the future of the country.
  • The huge decay in the Iranian currency against the US dollar, which led many Iranians to transfer their money in hard currency to Turkey as a safe alternative.
  • The absence of any social harassment of the Iranian citizens in Turkey, unlike what Iranians in other western countries face.
  • Ethnic, religious and cultural rapprochement between Iran and Turkey.
  • The large facilities provided by banking systems in Turkey for foreigners.
  • The incentives provided by the Turkish authorities for foreign investors in the matter of buying property in Turkey and the ease of real estate ownership procedures.
  • Reducing the value of real estate investment in order to obtain Turkish citizenship to 250 thousand USD only.
  • The beautiful climate in Turkey and the development of its infrastructure.

These were the most prominent factors that contributed to facilitating the ownership of the Iranians in Turkey, and even made them the first on the top of the list of real estate sales in Turkish cities, the most important of which are Istanbul, Trabzon, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya.