Is buying property in turkey a good investment?

هل شراء عقار في تركيا استثمار مربح

Turkey, one of the countries that have been working most since 2017, maintains its place in the top 10 countries for buying real estate in the world. Apartments for sale in Turkey or the increase in investment projects and through updates in legislative texts, laws, and decisions.

According to local and international statistics, the real estate investment process in Istanbul is considered among the most successful investments in the world. They confirm that the process of buying apartments for sale in Istanbul has become one of the best economic activities, the most distinguished and attracting many pioneering energies during the last five years.

Although these global and local statistics regarding buying apartments for sale in Turkey, the curiosity of those who want to buy real estate in Turkey leads them to ask more questions and inquiries about whether real estate investment in Turkey was successful?

Is buying a property in Turkey a profitable investment, and what are the factors affecting this aspect? And how can he achieve an abundant profit quickly by purchasing apartments for sale in Turkey?

All these legitimate questions, the foreign investor will be able to see their adequate answer once you finish reading the following article.

4 questions you must know answered before purchasing real estate in Turkey

How to choose apartments for sale in Turkey for a successful real estate investment?

Before discussing whether real estate investment in Turkey is successful, it is necessary to guide those wishing to buy apartments for sale in Turkey or apartments for sale in Istanbul regarding the correct way to choose the right and comfortable property in Turkey.

In this field, real estate experts stress the need for foreign investors to go to their favorite projects first. Then he must focus on the age of construction or the year of real estate construction in Turkey, so the more apartments for sale in Turkey with residential complexes under construction, or modern, the more reasonable and acceptable the price.

Here, it should be noted that the price that you will pay to buy a house under construction is much lower than the price you would pay when buying the house in a fully-prepared project or a ready-made apartment for some time.

On the other hand, buying apartments for sale in Istanbul or all of Turkey with a good project makes you feel the privilege of being the first owner and first user of the house.

Also, buying apartments for sale in Turkey within a project under construction gives you the opportunity to discuss some details such as the distribution of rooms, the quality of the dressing, and others, which is impossible in ready-made apartments paying additional expenses.

What are the factors affecting real estate investment in Turkey?

Many factors affect the value of buying apartments for sale in Turkey or any real estate purchase in Turkey of various kinds, including:

The extent of the balance between the offers of apartments for sale in Turkey and the demand for them by investors.


  • The geographical location of the properties offered for sale.
  • The property offered for sale is an area of ​​apartments for sale in Istanbul or any other Turkish city.
  • The factor that works in the country's development, the factor that is considered the fastest speed, a table that ranked Turkey as the third least affected by Corona.
  • Natural factors such as the weather and nature that characterize the whole of Turkey.
  • General laws and real estate legislation, and here Turkey has the best legislative texts related to foreign ownership. In addition to its flexibility, Turkish real estate legislation periodically updates for the benefit of foreign investors wishing to buy real estate in Turkey or apartments for sale in Turkey.
  • The benefits expected from buying real estate in Turkey that is, what are the expected benefits of owning the property in the future?
  • The lifestyle and nature of society, and here Turkey mixes eastern and western culture in a married charm that is only found in it.


What are the reasons for the high real estate prices in Turkey?


The most important reasons for the high real estate prices in Turkey:


  • Massive projects reshaping infrastructure in Turkey.
  • The impact of inflation on real estate prices in Turkey.
  • Real estate prices in Turkey are rising in line with the impact of supply and demand on the country's real estate market.
  • The major economic transformations that Turkey has been witnessing for twenty years.
  • Increased cash flow from the real estate market in Turkey.
  • The great renaissance and the raging competition between construction companies to build the largest, most beautiful and modern real estate projects.


Is real estate investment in Turkey profitable, and what are its profits?


Among the most economic sectors whose value doubles daily in Turkey is the real estate sector, where the investor can make a quick profit in record time.


According to the international and Turkish statistics institutes, opinion polls indicate that Turkey's real estate sector is one of the most profitable investment tools, with a rate of more than 150%.


The profitability of Turkey's real estate sector has helped increase the number of foreign investors' appetite for various offers of apartments for sale in Turkey.


After achieving a significant increase in Turkey's real estate prices during the last two years, which reached 260%, foreigners are racing against time to have at least one investment in Turkey.


In return for buying a property in Turkey worth 250 thousand US dollars and high returns on real estate investment, obtaining Turkish citizenship is one of the most important profits that any investor can achieve.


In addition to the guarantee of renting real estate in case the investment is for this purpose. Turkey is among the first seven countries that receive the largest number of tourists, especially those who want to rent apartments instead of going to hotels.


Among the most important gains in real estate investment in Turkey is investing in an environment that does not depend on growth. Turkey is expected to be among the world's ten strongest economies by 2030 and the five strongest countries in 2050.

Do not neglect these tips to have a profitable real estate investment in Turkey!


Among the most important things that a person wishing to buy apartments for sale in Turkey for investment must take into account before embarking on the process:

  • Verify the property seller's reliability and eligibility, whether it is a person or a construction company.
  • Ensure that the property owner has not sold it to someone else.
  • Ensure that the property is not under foreclosure, rent, or other issues that hinder the process of selling it.
  • Inspecting the property before purchasing it by undertaking a real estate tour with a reliable real estate company.
  • Reviewing the original ownership contract of the real estate to ensure that its owner has not transferred his ownership or the existence of inheritance against him and similar rights.
  • Ensure that all property specifications and information in the title deed are compatible with the property.
  • Investing in areas experiencing intense investment activity, such as the urban transformation areas in Istanbul.
  • Consultation with specialists and experience in the field of real estate. Here, Alhuda experts assure that they are in the service of all foreign investors, especially Arabs, Iranians, Afghans, and Pakistanis. They wish to buy real estate in Turkey for investment and guaranteed profit.


Real estate suitable for profitable investment in Turkey

There are many types of real estate that can achieve a successful investment for you in Turkey, including:


  • Buying commercial real estate such as stores, offices, and hotels.
  • Buying apartments for sale in Turkey or villas for sale in Turkey, i.e., residential apartments, reselling or renting them, provided that they are in promising real estate areas.
  •  Buying plots of land in Turkey suitable for construction and investing in them.