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Istanbul real estate

القطاع العقاري التركي

In the last few years Turkey has witnessed a remarkable developing movement in many sectors in general but the Turkish construction sector had the biggest share of this concentrated developing and because of these efforts the number of properties purchasing process and which are done by foreign investors has increased rapidly recently.

And as the economic capital of the country the highest rates of these purchasing process where of #properties_in_istanbul.

In general, Istanbul is considered a good choice for any type of investment but, it is the best choice for real estate investment in specific, and that’s why it takes the lead position between the Turkish cities as the first and the most attended destination for property purchasing and #real_estate_investment, in addition to property renting and running.

And one of the most wanted and attended locations by foreign investors who want to invest and #buy_apartments_in_istanbul is BASIN EXPRESS, this region is featured by its vital location in the city, it’s richness with service facilities and most important by being the first real estate investment site and the second trade center in the new city of #Istanbul.