Istanbul TechnoPark: the city of technology & major research platform

Istanbul TechnoPark, the city of technology and major research platform

Istanbul TechnoPark

Turkey, which has been built throughout history, continues to have ancient architectural cities, archaeological and cultural cities that dazzled the world and turned into the largest shrine for tourists and those who want to live and own properties in them. It continued its progress forward, where in the last seven years one of the most important technological cities at the international level has established the city of "Techno"  Istanbul Park "which is the largest technology complex in both Turkey and the European continent which affected the Turkish economy in good way and increased the demand for buying property in Istanbul and owning property in Turkey in general


Istanbul Technopark ... How did it start?

The launch of the TechnoPark technology project, which contains a research and development laboratory for about 1,000 Turkish and foreign technology companies, dates back to August 2013, when the beginning of the first phase of the project, which is located in the Asian part of Istanbul Province, started.

During the first phase of the project launch, a full reservation was made by hundreds of Turkish companies and dozens of other foreign companies for this high-tech facility.

Istanbul TechnoPark development is being undertaken by SSM Defense Industry Adviser, Istanbul ITO Chamber of Commerce and numerous academic posts by researchers of various technology universities in Istanbul.

Tax exemptions and low operating costs according to the investment incentives provided by the Turkish government contributed to the demand and reservation of many companies a place within the technological city, in addition to that the strategic location of Technopark, which is located near the international airport on the Asian side of Istanbul, "Sabiha Gokcen Airport" next to many land roads, main marine and infrastructure installations which constitute a magnet for investors who would benefit fully from the accompanying advantages if they think about buying property in Istanbul next to it

The total value of the technology city project "Istanbul Technopark" is estimated at four billion dollars, which reflects the importance of the funds allocated by the Turkish state to feed the largest economic and technology project in the country and regionally.

Istanbul Technopark and international cooperation agreements

Within the framework of Istanbul Technopark's endeavor to expand its technology expertise, it signed in the beginning of 2019 one of the largest cooperation and mutual understanding agreements in its history with each of the following industrial companies:

  • C-Tech Company
  • Yonga Technology Company
  • Micro Electronics Company
  • Anda Technology Company
  • Special economic zone "Techno polis of Moscow"

The aforementioned companies are among the most important new industrial engines in Russia, with whom the representatives of Istanbul Technopark signed a mutual cooperation agreement during a fruitful visit that led them to the special economic zone "Pechatniki" in the Russian capital Moscow, which relies a lot on Ankara through Turkish industrial companies in order to protect the interests of the two countries, ensuring exchange of experiences, transferring technology, and strengthening partnerships on the international scene.


Istanbul Technopark ... a promising horizon

The Turkish state’s interest in the technological city “Istanbul Technopark” continues for the seventh year in succession from its launch. At the beginning of the current year 2020, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan inaugurated the second stage of the project, which is distributed in four stages, where he praised the status and effectiveness of technopark at the Turkish economic level and confirmed that once the project is completed which will attract many foreign companies, thanks to its qualified infrastructure and social facilities, not to mention its various laboratories and workshops.

Those responsible for the project assured that it would be the economic future for Turkey, a destination for the best local and international universities and a platform for senior researchers to conduct all their scientific research.

The technology park is expected to include more than a thousand research and development companies on an area of ​​1.5 million square meters that accommodates more than 30,000 people researched in strategic areas and sectors such as defense, aviation, space, information, communications and biotechnology.

It is expected that Turkey will earn from the TechnoPark project after the end of all its stages an annual income of 10 billion US dollars, especially as the industrial production and manufacturing industries in the country have achieved records in recent years.

The volume of real estate projects  constructed by construction companies in Turkey on the outskirts of Technopark has increased, which would lead in the future, according to those who know about real estate affairs in Turkey, leading to an increase in the volume of buying property in Istanbul like apartments for sale, especially with the diversity of offers to buy a property in Turkey in Istanbul, this city that is witnessing a large growth in numbers of foreign ownership, especially of those looking to obtain Turkish citizenship and the Turkish passport.