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Kadikoy properties in Asian Istanbul...another type of architectural charm

Kadikoy properties in Asian Istanbul

Many investors think about buying property in Istanbul, Turkey, linking the golden opportunities for property ownership to the European side, as they are accustomed to famous tourist areas and luxury real estate.

What about Asian Istanbul, and what are the most promising real estate areas in it, and how can you buy a property in Asian Istanbul and make a profitable investment from behind, with a size that exceeds the other side of the city?

Yes, we cannot deny talking about property in Turkey in Istanbul without showing the real estate of the Asian side, its elegant neighborhoods, its crowded streets, its charming alleys, its historical monuments, its tourist towers and the most important exceptional investment opportunities.

Among the most prominent cities in Istanbul, Asia, is Kadikoy, which the Turks dubbed the Asian Istanbul jewel on the northern shore of the Sea of ​​Marmara, along the Bosphorus Strait, which connects the two parts of Istanbul, which extends on two continents.

The name Kadikoy is coupled with comfort, tranquility, breathtaking beauty, and charming nature, in perfect proportion to the taste of those seeking the joy of life and the atmosphere of perfect luxury.

The Kadikoy area sits on an area of ​​41 square kilometers of narrow streets paved with historical Ottoman gravel, which gave it a unique heritage character of its kind that attracts thousands of tourists annually, not to mention those who chose it to settle as its population exceeds half a million people, including many foreigners who go to it for temporary residence, especially the foreign owners of tourist residency and those with permanent residence who bought a property in Turkey or think about about buying property in Istanbul in Kadikoy in particular.

The tourist streets of Kadikoy are filled with thousands of Turkish visitors and foreigners who specially visit them to spend their holidays, and New Year celebrations on the outskirts of the Bosphorus.

Kadıköy is abundant with many high-end neighborhoods such as Bostanci neighborhood, which contains the best villas and luxury homes in Istanbul as a whole, in addition to the Osman Aga and Hassan Pasha neighborhood, and other neighborhoods characterized by calm, so it is frequently in demand by foreign investors who think about buying property in Istanbul or buy a property in Turkey, Istanbul, whatever its type is.

Foreigners who think about buying property in Istanbul have headed to Kadikoy due to its charming view of the Bosphorus Bridge, the most famous tourist attraction in Istanbul, in addition to its addition to a dense and diverse transportation network that connects it easily with the rest of Istanbul.

The diversified transportation has earned Kadikoy the advantage of containing numerous projects and investments, which made it a residential and service area with distinction that meets all the needs of its residents or its intentions for the purpose of investment.

Kadikoy is considered one of the most suitable areas for real estate investment in Turkey, as hundreds of Istanbul apartments for sale for those who think about buying property in Istanbul are established annually.

It goes without saying that you are wondering at the moment about the factors and other reasons that have transformed Kadikoy into a real estate investment magnet?

Yes, it is a valid question given that the answer to it is full of features that are available only in Kadikoy, the charming architectural sleeping pearl on one side of the Bosphorus.

The following are detailed reasons as follows:

  • Kadikoy enjoy the tourist vitality all year round as it is considered the preferred destination due to its proximity to the Sea of ​​Marmara and its charming beaches with a distinctive view of the princesses islands and also contains many recreational places such as Kadikoy balloon, which is widely used by tourists as well as tennis, basketball and weekly bazaars. The market is similar to the fish market and the games museum, which includes many entertainment spaces.
  • Some Kadikoy streets, such as Baghdad Street, Moda Street and Marine Street, are similar in design to Istiklal Street in European Istanbul, which made them attract many tourists to enjoy their special architectural character.
  • Kadikoy contains a large number of service facilities such as schools, universities, centers for teaching and language training, branches for banks and companies, hospitals, clinics, medical clinics, shopping centers, sports clubs, restaurants, cafes, hotels and other facilities that any resident needs, which prompted Kadikoy to be within the interface of buying property in Istanbul in terms of purchase volume, especially among foreigners.
  • Kadikoy has a strong transportation network that varies between tramway lines and water ferries that pass under the Bosphorus Bridge and its proximity to the Eurasia Tunnel, in addition to a large number of bus lines and various types of transportation that arrive in a standard envelope in various parts of Istanbul.
  • If you are interested in real estate investment in Turkey, once you enumerate these advantages, then make sure that all those familiar with the real estate market will assure you that Kadikoy is the excellent plan and the best way to a safe and secure process regarding buying a property in Turkey in Istanbul.