Al-Huda is your way to solve the legal problems of ownership in Turkey

Al-Huda is your way to solve the legal problems of ownership in Turkey

حل المشاكل القانونية للتملك في تركيا

For all foreigners who have suffered from legal problems while buying real estate in Turkey, or have encountered obstacles in transferring ownership or paying installments for the property they have bought, or are facing difficulties in managing their property, Al Huda provides immediate and guaranteed assistance to solve all kinds of problems related to owning a property in Turkey.

Al-Hoda Real Estate Investment in Turkey includes a team of professionals, headed by the general manager who occupies the position of a lawyer and ensures personal follow-up along with a cadre of Turkish lawyers who speak fluent English in addition to an elite of advisors and experts in the Turkish real estate market for many years.

Al-Huda provides many legal services, especially to those who bought real estate in Turkey. Still, for one reason or another, the procedures for their ownership were disrupted. They found themselves baffled in paying the property installments, transferring ownership, obtaining Turkish citizenship, renewing real estate residence, or managing their property, whether by leasing, reselling, or any services.

Al-Huda Real Estate Investment in Turkey invites these people and simplifies how to own them overseas in the best and most secure way, away from all complications and types of fraud or delay.

What types of services does Al-Huda provide to foreign clients in Turkey?

الخدمات التي تقدمها الهدى

Like what we mentioned, there are various services that Al-Huda provides to customers, including:

  • Helping investors rebuild their investment plan through legal and real estate consultations conducted by an elite group of experts and lawyers.
  • Solve all the legal problems faced by the investor investor who is in the process of real estate ownership in Turkey or owning but is unaware of how to exploit his property because of his presence inside.
  • Promises by companies or because of fraud and fraud from real estate brokers.
  • Completing the real estate ownership procedures for those who face a problem in signing the title deed "Tabu" or real estate appraisal.
  • Solve the problems of paying installments.
  • Ensuring the extraction of all necessary administrative papers.
  • Ensuring the leasing of the property "apartment, shop, office ..." with a guarantee of high financial returns.
  • Ensuring the resale of the property at high prices.
  • Utilities services, services, services, services, services, services, services, services, services, services, maintenance of facilities, inspection of refrigeration and heating equipment and other services ..
  • Pay taxes and fees owed on the property.
  • Periodic inspection of the property with sending reports to the property owner.
  • Extracting real estate residency and solving all problems related to it for the property owner and his family members with a guarantee of renewal.
  • Troubleshoot with information about your information and stores.

What are the benefits of hosting with guidance while facing ownership problems in Turkey?

Dealing with Al-Huda while buying real estate in Turkey has exceptional benefits among the most important of them:

  • Benefiting from the experience of real estate agents in the Turkish real estate sector and market.
  • Save time in speeding up the process of buying apartments for sale in Istanbul and Turkey.
  • Providing efforts to search for suitable properties through specialists.
  • Benefit from special prices and discounts offered by construction companies to real estate agents only.
  • Take advantage of free real estate tours to preview projects and offers for apartments for sale in Turkey.
  • Benefit from accurate real estate and legal advice.
  • Benefit from the agent's familiarity with all legal updates and acquisition procedures in Turkey.
  • Facilitating communication and negotiation with Turkish sellers by virtue of the mastery of most of the agents in the Turkish language and according to their understanding of the ownership procedures in Turkey.
  • Directing the foreign customer to the best areas of ownership in Turkey, according to the purchase objectives.
  • Expanding the process of benefiting from buying real estate in Turkey to the after-sales services provided by various real estate agencies in Turkey, with the exception that the property is purchased directly from the construction company whose services end upon sale.
  • Avoiding fraud in buying real estate in Turkey, as real estate agencies are licensed companies that operate under the cover of Turkish laws, thus ensuring the safety of all procedures.
  • Avoid all complications and problems that a foreigner may face while buying real estate in Turkey.
  • Quick solution to all outstanding problems facing foreigners owning in Turkey through other companies.


Al-Hoda puts its platforms on various social media sites, "Facebook, Instagram, Twitter ... etc." in the service of its customers for daily information on various purchase offers, and also to provide advice via chat boxes and to receive various problems that customers who have previously dealt with with companies may suffer. Others and faced legal or administrative problems and the like.