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Simple ideas transforms you from a property owner into a strong real estate investor in Turkey

real estate investor in Turkey

Many investors who inquire about the prices of Turkey properties, are wondering about what are the most successful investment deals and profits in a short time?

Desiring to answer all the inquiries the customer makes about the prices of property in Turkey, especially those suitable for investment and profit, i.e. commercial real estate, we have dedicated this article which provides simple ideas that will help foreign investors to start a commercial activity in the field of real estate in Turkey, whether by purchasing Office apartments and and other types of property in Turkey like, shops, stores, hotels, existing in buildings or buildings themselves.

Below we will detail the types of commercial properties that are perfectly suitable for quick profit while providing simple ideas for how to use them as an investment.


Investing in commercial offices

It has become the most common question in recent times through various electronic portals about prices of property in Turkey for investment use especially after Turkey has turned into a gateway to attract many smart investments and economic works and an excellent destination to launch various commercial activities in Istanbul, Antalya and Yalova in particular.

These prosperous cities were a preferred option for all those looking for offices for sale in Turkey or office apartments.

How does the foreign investor choose the best and best offices in Turkey?

Below we provide some tips and points to pay attention to before proceeding with the process of purchasing commercial offices in Turkey:

  • The necessity of the commercial office to be close to the main roads in the city.
  • Choosing a comfortable and luxurious office in order to ensure that you work in an ideal comfortable environment that raises the level of performance away from any kind of pressure.
  • Choosing a commercial office near areas that include a hotel or a group of hotels so that customers can easily stay in addition to exploiting the meeting rooms in the event that the commercial activity requires it.
  • The office must have internal or external parking lots.
  • The office ventilation should be excellent, meaning it should have windows that can be opened.
  • The commercial office is preferred to be near the ATMs of the banks.
  • The building where the commercial office is located provides an elevator that is periodically maintained.
  • The commercial office provides services for central heating and refrigeration, so that it is suitable to work and receive customers in both winter and summer seasons.
  • The area in which the office is located provides a strong infrastructure and transportation network.
  • These were the most important characteristics for those looking for excellent commercial offices suitable for the working environment in Turkey.


Investing in commercial shops

Turkey considers this service country par excellence, the best floor that provides the strongest options for buying commercial stores, for those wishing to engage in successful commercial activities, either for the purpose of direct real estate investment or for the purpose of renting them to businessmen or even for resale with high profit returns.

Those who ask about prices of property in Turkey - shops can take these tips into account before taking the step:

  • The area in which the commercial shop is located is easily accessible.
  • That the commercial shop should be located in or near the city center, where various means of transportation are available: "Buses, Metro, Tramway, Metro Bus and others .
  • It is preferable that the commercial shop be in the front of the busy streets, which are full of commercial traffic.
  • The commercial shop should be close to the car parks.
  • The commercial shop should be close to banks and ATMs.
  • It is preferable for the commercial shop to be located on streets with security guards and equipped with surveillance cameras.
  • Once the foreign investor guarantees these specifications in his commercial place, he will have achieved the most important transaction while buying real estate in Turkey.


Investing in stores

Commercial real estate options in Turkey extend to stores that have become very popular with foreigners recently, in concrete evidence of the increasing rate of commercial confidence in the Turkish economy, which is moving steadily to be within the club of the top ten before the coming 2023 year.

For those wishing to purchase stores in Turkey, we recommend:

  • The store should be close to the main roads, especially in the big and crowded cities like Istanbul.
  • The store should be close to industrial or commercial areas to create more investment opportunities.
  • The store shall have suitable positions for charging and discharging operations.
  • That the store be available on all security conditions such as ventilation, risk management and fire extinguishing systems.
  • The store shall be equipped with surveillance cameras and provided with permanent security escort.

Those wishing to invest in stores must realize that the Turkish state is among the few countries in the world that have provided foreigners with the opportunity to own properties, whether residential or commercial, with the inclusion of numerous facilities and tax exemptions that have encouraged them to be strongly demanded and a guaranteed profitable investment return.


Investing in hotels

Turkey's geographical location, strong economy, stunning scenery, charming beaches, customs, traditions, cooking and dishes have allowed it to be a tourist country with distinction attracting nearly 60 million tourists annually and thus its need for large hotels where demand on hotel rooms and apartments that do not accommodate visitors at certain times of the year .

Factors that have made investment in hotels an excellent option for foreign businessmen, especially that Turkey has a record annual turnout for tourists, who flock to hotels suitable for accommodation, which number one night during the tourist seasons, at least 100 euros.

Below we provide the most important advice for foreigners wishing to invest in hotels in Turkey:

  • Investing in hotels of 3, 4 and 5 stars is an excellent option due to the standard turnout on them by tourists.
  • The choice of hotel investment in cities that have a large influx of tourists, such as Istanbul, Antalya, Yalova and Bursa.
  • Ensure that the hotel building is modern and equipped with modern suites.
  • Ensure that the hotel is close to attractions, beaches, malls or any tourist attraction.
  • Ensure that the hotel is close to transportation.

These are simple ideas that have proven effective with all foreign investors in Turkey, and who knows, you may be one of them!

You only need to use one of the trusted real estate companies that have many options and help you choose the best one.