Stay at home… and buy the best house in Turkey

Stay at home… and buy the best house in Turkey

Buy Property Online in Turkey - Corona Virus

The Corona pandemic will go ahead and the world will return to normal life and live in peace as it was. People will return to pursue their hobbies and the economic machine will take off again. Until then, will life stop with the major global companies stopping productivity?  Will life stop with 70% of the world's employees being isolated in their homes?  Will life stop with the loss of others temporarily?

If the thinking is negative, then the answer will be yes. As for those optimists, they went ahead from their homes, challenging Corona and its complications.

Rather, they multiplied their efforts and devised new mechanisms for work that are in line with the stone conditions that Corona imposed on mankind as a whole to stay at home until the epidemic is limited and the crisis goes on in the world in peace. 

Today, thousands of companies have considered the alternative, which guarantees the continuity of its production and service to its customers, raising the slogan of not obstructing the interests of users as long as there are opportunities for a solution.

Among the solutions adopted by 50% of the trusted companies in the world is e-marketing or selling products remotely, ie via the Internet.

As an investor, have you thought about the benefits you will gain?  While you will spend your quarantine time, how will you prevent the passage of time in a vacuum, and how will you save your suspended projects and your idle goals to an unknown notice!

If the alternative to major international companies is e-marketing, then why not take advantage of the opportunity to grab the best investments while you are lying in your house!

The e-marketing plan was not confined to the major economic companies only, but real estate companies distributed across different countries, in turn, transformed their sales strategy, which was previously relied mainly on Internet marketing by 40%.

Today, under the Corona pandemic, it conducts all its services and the transactions of buying and selling properties electronically.  That is, almost 100%.

In Turkey, real estate companies took the same path, but rather with an upward trend given the large sales volume recorded by the country during the past ten years and even after the emergence of the Corona epidemic, i.e. during the first two months of the year 2020, where an increase in the percentage of sales reached almost 21% compared to early 2019.


The Turkish government stimulates the electronic sale of properties

Within the framework of its policy to facilitate all procedures of property ownership, the Turkish government has initiated an alternative strategy since the early days of the spread of the Corona epidemic and the increasing fears of investors who started property purchases or those who intended to purchase during the spring season by giving immediate instructions to the General Directorate of Land Registry and Land Survey  All buying and selling transactions electronically according to a new automated system called "Tapu Web".

The system allows customers to submit their requests electronically to obtain appointments in the directorate in order to compensate for everything that required the personal attendance of the buyer.

In addition, the Real Estate Survey Directorate has allocated a phone number to receive all requests and conduct all transactions "181" in order to maintain the leap achieved in the real estate sector in Turkey for a decade and a half of time.


Al-Huda .. Strengthen your investment immunity from your home room

Just as Al Huda has always been a companion to its clients who put trust in it from the start, so they shared the best times of real estate ownership in Turkey and moments of obtaining Turkish citizenship, Al Huda today also shares investors who wish to own this difficult period with a number of facilitating measures that compensate for suspended trips and disrupt the economic life in many  From countries by launching a campaign to buy real estate online with confidence and security.


 Al Huda Real Estate company guarantees to the client all the steps of ownership as follows:

  • Informing the customer of high-quality documents and videos about the various properties, "apartments, office apartments, shops, villas, and so on" that make him visit the projects and wander around all its corners as if he actually sees them in reality.
  • Permanent accompaniment by Al-Huda real estate investment consultants to the client during the selection of the property, with explanations given for each project point by point and detailed in detail.
  • Negotiate real estate prices with construction companies and keep the customer in constant contact with the process.
  • Submit all documents and papers pertaining to the procedures of purchasing the property without the customer needing to travel to Turkey.
  • Submit documents to obtain Turkish citizenship from A to Z in front of the client while he is at home.
  • Submit the property title to the customer and his passport if he buys a property convenient to obtaining citizenship from the Turkish embassy in his country.


Advantages of buying a property online

The process of buying the property remotely, ie via the Internet, allows you to save time, effort and money and avoid the confusion and anxiety that accompanies your movements between projects and reality, as you will have an electronic time to browse all projects on time with the advantage of returning at any time to your real estate advisor in case  any inquiries regarding a mysterious part about the property you wish to own.

The biggest benefit you can gain from buying a property online under the Corona pandemic is to use your spare time to grow and multiply your money at a time when the world's largest companies lose millions of dollars.

Important note: You can communicate immediately with the Al Huda team for real estate investment in order to gain time to visit the best real estate projects and choose the most appropriate property for your taste and financial budget only through one click on the chat box at the bottom right of your phone screen or your computer.