Types of student dormitories in Turkey

All you need to know about Student housing in Turkey

شروط السكن الجامعي للطلاب الأجانب

In the past few years, the number of students wishing to study in Turkey has increased remarkably, given the success and distinction achieved by Turkish universities not to mention that Turkish universities provide scholarship that is the most famous in the world, receiving annually thousands of students Also, many private universities in Turkey with a high educational level offer foreign students the opportunity to study at very reasonable prices, which are considered the lowest compared to private universities in other countries, and this has increased the demand for Turkey as one of the best study destinations in the world.

After registering in Turkish universities, the students find themselves in front of the subject of housing, so they start to look for a place that is comfortable, affordable, and close to the university, also convenient and safe for a student.

In general, Student dormitories in Turkey are divided into female and male dormitories, as well as mixed dormitories, as they are located in places close to universities, making it easier for the student to reach them.

Free services provided by university Dormitories in Turkey for students

Government student dormitories in Turkey offers students many free services such as:

  • rooms cleaning
  • clothes washing
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Internet

 In turn, private dormitories provide previous services with more luxury, such as the ability to live in individual rooms, as well as halls for exercise, television in the room, telephone and health services, but in return, the value paid is higher starting from 1700 TL per month depending on the quality of the services provided.

It is sufficient for the university student to bring the student’s document to the university in which he studies with some personal papers to register in one of the government student residences where he chooses the room that suits him and the roommate to feel comfortable with.

Types of student dormitories  in Turkey

The students' dormitories  in Turkey with all its cities are divided into several types, which are:

  • Government dormitories in Turkey

This type is considered the most popular among students, "Turks and foreigners" due to its low costs ranging between 200 and 400 TL.

The administration of government student housing is subject to the University Services Institution, which is under the banner of the Turkish Ministry of Youth and Sports.

University dormitories provide many services such as free internet, various social services, and periodic activities, clothes launderers, and breakfast and lunch at low prices

In general, the number of students per room in the governmental dormitories ranges from 4 students to 8 students.

It should be noted that the foreign student can apply for and register at the governmental dormitories, but the priority will be for the Turkish student.

  • YURT

It is a type of housing belonging to the private sector which provides all the conditions for students ’living, and the number of people in one room ranges between a student to 4 students and the price rises slightly from the government sector as prices start from 350 TL per month up to 750 TL including breakfast meals "according to the student's choice".

  • Student hostels:

This type of housing is very prevalent in Istanbul and Ankara, where one investor allocates a building for renting  only to university students, "females or males", 

And every apartment in the building has several rooms which capacity ranges from one person to 4 people per room with a shared kitchen on each floor.

Generally, the prices in this type of housing range from 500 TL per month to 900 TL, depending on the location of the building, its features, services, and proximity to transportation and universities.

  • Private apartments

This type of housing is suitable for students who are looking for independence and the closest life to family conditions, and prices of rental apartments in Turkey vary according to location, number of rooms, and type, and generally start from 100 USD and increase if the apartment is furnished and close to transportation and other attractive features.


Finally, it can be said that it is a foreign student's desire, financial capabilities, and other circumstances that determine his choice regarding university housing in Turkey.