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The best opportunities to buy apartments for sale in Başakşehir İstanbul

لا تضيّع أفضل فرص شراء شقق للبيع في باشاك شهير اسطنبول

If you are one of those looking for stable living in a large area amidst the greenery of nature, fresh air, and high-end life, or you are one of those seeking a strong investment and profitable trade, you will not find in European Istanbul a better option than Basaksehir, the new cultural face of Istanbul’s neighborhoods and its modern transportation complex.

Basaksehir is located on the European side, in the middle of northern Istanbul, with 100% natural views to the north, over large areas of green forests crossed by a river next to it.

Basaksehir is one of the most prestigious areas for housing in Istanbul and is characterized by comprehensive service facilities, as it includes many universities such as Ibn Khaldun University, which gives Arabic lessons in a number of its courses, in addition to Basaksehir University, in addition to that there are many government schools in Basaksehir. Private schools, international and Arab schools in particular, due to the large presence of the Arab community in the region.

One of the most important features that made Basaksehir attractive in Istanbul, which we will detail later, is the presence of a large number of hospitals in Basaksehir, on top of which is the largest medical complex in Europe that was inaugurated in April 2020, the Basaksehir Medical City.

Basaksehir is not without the most powerful types of transportation, including public transport buses and the metro line, in addition to a connecting station that facilitated access to it from all places in Istanbul.

The best offers for apartments for sale in the Basaksehir medical district

In the last five years, Basaksehir has become one of the most popular areas of Istanbul apartments for sale that Arab investors want after they found all the amenities and luxury in it, as they chose it among hundreds of luxury residential neighborhoods in Istanbul due to its distinction from others in a different character. 

We will detail it through this article, A common characteristic that it is the most suitable to live in and the most profitable in the investment among the offers of apartments for sale in Istanbul.

The geographical location of the Basaksehir region

Basaksehir is located in the European part of Istanbul on a length of 106 square kilometers, bordered to the north by the Arnavutkoy region and the Ayoub region, while they defined it to the east, bordering Sultan Ghazi and the Esenler region, or to the south, adjacent to Bagcilar, Avcilar, and Kucukcekmece, and from the west, it borders with the promising Esenyurt region.

The population census of Basaksehir

The population of Basaksehir district is 353,000, with an area of 104,000 km2.

The areas around Basaksehir district

The district is bordered by ” Sazlıdere lake” from the northwest which is the primary source of freshwater in all Istanbul neighborhoods, bordered to the south by” Marmara sea”, and the surrounding areas are: Avcilar, Ayub, kucukcekmece, Esenler, Arnavutkoy, Bagilar, Esenyurt, and Gazi district.

What benefits will be gained by those who get apartments for sale in Istanbul’s Basaksehir district?

Peaceful life 

Basaksehir is one of Istanbul's peaceful districts, considered to be of importance to Arab investors in particular, and most of them invest in Turkey in pursuit of that district; because of their need for leisure and to be away from the impetus of life, it is one of their interests for those seeking differentiation and tranquility to find apartments in Basaksehir.

Transport availability

In this city, there is no transport problem, and every place in Istanbul is easy to get to, there are numerous public transit stations, in addition to the metro linking the Basaksehir and Kirazl regions, running through several crucial areas, and those buying apartments in Başakşehir will never suffer from the transport crisis.

Centers for health

In the Basaksehir district of Istanbul, there are hundreds of hospitals and treatment centers covering a variety of medical topics, including a number of the best doctors from Turkey and abroad, and the largest medical city in Europe will be built at a later point.

The provision of teaching the curriculum in Arabic in some schools is also one of the notable advantages in Basaksehir, which is one of the reasons for Arab investors to look for apartments for sale in Basaksehir in Istanbul because of their willingness to educate their children in Arabic.

Proximity to the scheme of the modern Istanbul Canal

Basaksehir district is situated close to the current Istanbul Canal (Bosphorus II) scheme, and this is a crucial factor, provided that according to property experts in Europe, this project will be successful once it is finished with regard to apartment prices in Istanbul in the future, which will be very high.

Easy International Airport Access

Basaksehir district is close to the third airport in Istanbul, as well as Ataturk Airport, which is about 22 kilometers long, which makes it easier to leave or reach Turkey by air, and in the case of having an apartment in Basaksehir district in Istanbul, the situation will be suitable for arrivals.

Residential Modern Areas 

Basaksehir is a modern or new district, so all properties and buildings are designed according to a rather classy architectural design and different designs that fit the taste of everybody, the availability of various areas and models, whether houses, properties, villas or palaces, etc.

What are the most popular facilities and utilities in Istanbul's Basaksehir district?

For those who want to purchase property in Turkey, utilities and amenities are definitely among the points looking for the district of Basaksehir is defined by the following:

Botanic Park  

With an area of approximately 386,000 square meters, it is one of the biggest botanical gardens in Turkey and is about to open, and this will be a major case, maximizing the worth of every apartment for sale in Basaksehir.

Kent square

Considered one of the main projects in the Basaksehir district of Istanbul, this square will be twice the size of Taksim square, with vital services, including a large health center at the frontline, transport stations, shopping centers, restaurants, and cafes.

Salah al-Din Mosque

It is one of the largest mosques in Basaksehir, located near the Botanical Garden, with a prayer capacity of 5000, and is considered to be an important value for this region.

The city hospital of Ikitelli (the biggest hospital in Europe)

One of the most important developments in the district of Basaksehir, with a gross area of over one million square meters, will be the biggest hospital in Europe, hiring about 10,000 staff. It is expected to receive 60,000 people on a regular basis, which would directly impact property prices in Basaksehir and real estate prices in Istanbul in general.