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Avcılar .. the right property in the right place

Avcılar .. the right property in the right place

Avcılar, meaning "fishermen". In this charming, hugging region of the Sea of Marmara, the fishing profession was a daily food for these simple people who loved their city and gathered and traded from its glistening blue, and it was rumored among the people that it was a city of fishermen, then crowded them with the farmers who converted from the region a farmland that produces many good things.

A decade after the other, Avcılar grew more and more, and it turned from the city of fishermen and farmers to the most important industrial and commercial areas in Istanbul with a population of more than half a million people.


Avcılar .. the location and importance

Avcilar, which was classified as one of the municipalities of Istanbul in the year 1992, is located in the most important regions of the economic capital of Turkey, where it meets west of Esenyurt and Beylikdüzü and is bounded to the north by the Basaksehir region that contains the largest medical city in Europe, and to the east, adjacent to the Kucukcekmece Lake, while from the south, its borders embrace the coast of the Sea of Marmara with its views, which are among the most beautiful views of the various coastal places in Istanbul, which made construction companies rush to build real estate projects  in Avcilar in order to attract people into buying property in Istanbul and which made it have a record demand among those who want to buy a property in Turkey in Istanbul .

Also, the geographical location of Avcilar and the important areas around it, such as Beylikduzu, Esenyurt and Basaksehir, has contributed to put it on  the top of the list of areas searched for buying property in Istanbul or a property in Turkey in general.


Avcılar ... transportation

Living in the Avcılar region means forgetting the words crowding and time constraints completely, as the region, despite its relative and apparent distance from the center of Istanbul, but its close proximity to the two largest vital roads in Turkey in general, E5 and TEM made it the most sought-after area for buying property in Istanbul, Turkey as shown by the statistics of the search engines via the Internet.

Avcilar also has most of the necessary and fast means of transportation in Istanbul, including the metrobus, the fastest means of transportation, due to the guarantees it gives for the passengers and the availability of it throughout the week and day.

Ownership near the metrobus station has become a dream for all who are thinking about buying property in Istanbul, and the evidence is how much the customer service center of Alhuda real estate company receives about the availability of metrobus stations within offers for property in Turkey.

Avcilar boasts a strong infrastructure that is added to the list of local and international schools and universities, such as the University of Istanbul, Gelisim University, private and government hospitals, shops and shopping centers similar to Pelican Mall which includes many local and international brands. In addition to luxury chain hotels, cafes and restaurants.

Utilities and others in the Avcılar region have the latest requirements for a decent living in peace, security and luxury.


How do Avcilar properties differ?

  • One of the areas where buying property in Istanbul within it has increased in recent years is the Avcılar region, as it combines the two most important features that are seldom available at the same time in the same region, namely, luxury sea views and the fastest means of transportation in Istanbul, but the nerve center of metrobus transportation.
  • Avcilar is also unique at very reasonable prices and meets all budgets, unlike the rise in the rest of the regions with the best features.
  • Residential projects vary in Avcılar, where those who are thinking about buying property in Istanbul find all options, from modern residential complexes, to villas, to student residences, to commercial stores, hotels, etc.
  • Real estate projects in the Avcılar region are known to make steady profits for investors who find a periodic increase in real estate prices.
  • The Avcılar region is among the most demanding areas for rent in Istanbul, and hence top the list of priorities and most favored places for investors, whether for stability or investment.


Some of Alhuda real estate company’s projects in Avcilar:

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